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Modern brigade de cuisine system..

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I really think that writing is my weakness. Regarding this essay, I wanna explain the different kinds of chefs working in an upscale restaurant..I spent almost 24 hours thinking of how will I write this essay but still, I don't think I was able to accomplish a good essay..please help me revise this essay if necessary..I really need your help...

Modern Brigade de Cuisine Paper

Georges Auguste Escoffier is the proponent of the structured team system of hierarchy called brigade de cuisine which determines the responsibilities each chef has inside the kitchen. This system is similar to the military chain of commands where one has a higher position than the other. However, many simplified version of this systems emerged for the specific needs of every restaurant. And because each restaurant is unique, there is no precise version of the simplified Escoffier's brigade de cuisine system. However, each of them will have the four main titles of the chefs: the executive chef, the sous chef, the expenditer, and the chefs de partie or line cooks.

First in command is the executive chef or chef de cuisine. This title is what most aspiring chefs wanted to have. Just like the Commandant of a military chain of commands, an executive chef is responsible to lead the rest of the kitchen and renders the main command to the sous chef. He is very knowledgeable in cooking, but most of his daily works happens outside the kitchen. A great portion of his time is spent for managing. He usually supervises everyone in the kitchen by checking on them occasionally, plans the menus, ensures that the food quality meets the restaurant's standards, estimates the ingredients, and is also in charge of hiring kitchen staff. If a customer complains or wanted to praise the food he ordered, the executive chef is the one who faces him. Now you know that not all chefs do a lot of cooking.

Next to the chef de cuisine is the sous chef. The word "sous" means "under" which defines the sous chef. He is under the executive chef and takes orders from him. However, the sous chef is considered as the most important person in the kitchen because he does all the hands-on works, operates the kitchen and commands the staff of their tasks in accordance to the executive chef's orders. His daily works include demonstrating the new equipment and cooking techniques to the rest of the team, constantly watching over the staff, and also takes charge of the chef de cuisines or a line cook's position when one of them is not around.

Another main title in a kitchen team is the the line cook or the chef de partie. Generally, a kitchen is consists of many line cooks for each of them is assigned to a unique task in the kitchen. Chefs de partie are specialized cooks who actually do the hands-on cooking. They are classified, either by cooking technique, like grill and fry, or by type of food, like fish and meat.

The last kind of chefs most upscale restaurants have is expenditer, who is under the executive and sous chef. He serves as a liason between the dining room and the kitchen. He announces the customers' orders to the line cooks or chefs de partie, which will be discussed in the latter part of this essay. The expenditer makes sure that all orders reach the customers in time, therefore he must be very good in timing and coordination. And because he is the last one, among the chefs, who will handle the food, he makes the finishing touches needed before giving it to the waiter.

There are still a lot of people consisting the professional kitchen setting which uses a simplified version of the brigade de cuisine system that are not included in this essay. However, these four kinds of chefs are the ones who are generally present in the most of the kitchens. Once again, there is no precise version but this essay provides the basic structure of a modern brigade de cuisine.

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