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Modern building versus buildings from the past

In the past, buildings often reflected the culture of a society but today all modern buildings look alike and cities throughout the world are becoming more and more similar Why is it the case? Is it a good thing or bad thing?

Modern and alike

In the olden days, the outlook of building depicted the cultural heritage in comparison with the modern buildings which almost look similar to each other, that in turn makes the city look alike. This trend could be ascribed to the scarcity of land for construction of buildings. In my opinion, having buildings which symbolises the culture has enormous advantages in terms of maintaining cultural divergence and tourism.

There are evident reasons as to why the houses in Metropolitan cities resemble one another. First and foremost, the population has skyrocketed which resulted in the scarcity of land for construction of houses. Due to increase in pollution many people have migrated from suburbs to urban areas. Thus, cities are overpopulated leaving very less space for construction of houses. Due to this, the concept of an apartment is vital in almost all cities wherein all buildings are constructed with the same plan which is an exact copy of each other. Bangalore is the prime example which is already hosting more people than it can accommodate, which led to the construction of buildings which are alike.

Nevertheless, the rise of the apartment is not all that beneficial. This is because the buildings show the culture and history of our religion. For example, Muslims while constructing home include one dome at the top. Therefore, it clearly reveals the religion which has been followed by the people if we look at the buildings. Furthermore, tourists have a great deal of interest in viewing the different type of buildings when they visit places of interest rather than viewing the same kind of building everywhere.

All in all, the modern buildings around the globe resembles each other in contrast with the buildings from earlier decades which were differently built. In conclusion, the construction of the buildings with the same pattern will result in losing cultural divergence which has been followed from ages around the world.

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Haleshi, you can expect a final score of 3 for this practice test. The score is based upon the discussion that you presented, which showed that you clearly misunderstood the prompt and its required discussion instructions. The main point of the prompt was to have you discuss two points:

1. Why do cities in various parts of the world look alike?
2. Is this a good or bad thing?

Rather than discussing the world wide comparison of similar architectures, you discussed a localized version of the prompt instead. The cities referred to in the prompt indicate clearly that these cities look alike throughout the world. So the discussion to presented was already wrong. Aside from that, you used the singular form of city throughout the essay when the plural form is what you should have used since that is the reference in the original prompt.

The discussion presented in your essay would have been more acceptable and scored higher for you if you had only done the comparison of the cities that look alike from a global scale. Cities such as London, Brussels, and Berlin, all located in different countries across the world and yet, have similar looking cities in their countries. One is in the United Kingdom, the other in Belgium, and another, in Germany. The discussion as to why these cities look alike are based upon a shared cultural heritage, environment, weather pattern, traditions, etc., which led to similar architectural styles for their cities. Being in close proximity, the countries tended to share their knowledge amongst themselves, which led to similar architectural styles. Therefore, the shared architectural style cannot be considered a bad thing because it is the result of knowledge transfer and improving architectural styles.

The reason I gave above is a more prompt adherent discussion when composed to what you presented. You understood what the prompt wanted you to discuss, you just failed to understand that it was supposed to be on a global and not localized scale for discussion.

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