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Modern communication gives great tools to connect people but it's less personal than direct relation

OSM 2 / 3  
Jan 29, 2016   #1
Telephones and email have made communication between people less personal or not?

Telephones and email have prevailed in our lives to a great extent. Our ordinary business works actually require these communication tools every day. While it is widely known that they play a convenient role in our lives, I'm of the opinion that they have a negative effect on personality between people. The following reasons are to support my opinion:

Firstly, we cannot share emotion with other people less effectively through telephones and email as we target. These tools do not provide information-receivers with facial expressions, body gesture and nuance of language not as like face-to-face conversations. Depending on such methods, we recognize that information-suppliers want to tell anger, sadness and delight. Email only delivers sentences to designated people's mail box without the methods, and it must take a lot of trouble and time summarizing what moved the writers emotionally. We would have difficulty producing long sentences of emotional things every day unless we are essayists, writers or poets whatsoever. Also, telephones are still less effective to the point where the receivers cannot see the movement of face and body even if it's capable of controlling the tone of speaking voice. Everyone should have experienced a confusing occasion where joking is taken as serious thing irrespective of speaker's intention on the telephone. Such an unwilling thing is caused by invisibility of speakers' faces to tell what is funny and interesting in the conversation. That disadvantage makes the personality less effective indeed.

Secondly, both communication tools are less preventive for confidentiality of keeping information. Emails, especially at work, are always distributed to different receivers at the same time. It is very likely that people will mail the secret content to wrong receivers irrespective of their intention. Also, we must speak up on telephones. On such an occasion, what we are telling will be heard wrongly in the public, thus the secret information will spread out despite our wishes. If the secrets are not kept, it might cause distrust, doubt and discord between our relationships. In consideration of those risks, people do prefer talking to partners directly inside a personal space where speakers and listeners face themselves within 2~3 meters. Many of us know that fact and are convinced that email and telephones should not be utilized.

Notwithstanding these disadvantages, there are many occasions where we use these tools. Especially, people between remote areas like to contact each other by them. Under the situation where people do not see partners due to the remote location, email message and telephone call would work for covering their loneliness. Nowadays, we can see each face on the screen thanks to some application system such as Skype and LINE. However, even if these communications are available, people in remote area hope to see partners and family face-to-face for the reasons of emotion and confidentiality. On the screen, body gesture is too limited to convey joyful topics. The personal information, which should not be heard by others, has to be spoken up on such up-to-date phone system too. Thus, both tools are less effective to keep the personal communications.

wahyutri13 10 / 13  
Jan 30, 2016   #2
Hai Osamu, this is a interesting essay. May I give you some opinion that it could be better if you give an example for each advantages and disadvantages. Although you have position to unsupported the notion it means you are in negative effect position, you could give reason also for advantages in the first time then you explain the drawback after that. It will make easy the reader guest your position opinion.
dynaranjani 27 / 24 18  
Jan 31, 2016   #3
Hey there..

Your writing skill is pretty awesome. You have such an incredible vocabulary range. Your flow of writing is truly understandable. But, I think you should try to do what Wahyu said to you.

Even though you stand for negative side, better if you explain both views. Then you could state your detailed opinion in the conclusion.

And I find that your first reason is a bit out of the context. You are demanded to explain about the confidentiality, but you go too far.

Good luck.
OP OSM 2 / 3  
Feb 8, 2016   #4
Dear Wahyu,

I appreciate your fruitful advice. Certainly, I regret the example of advantages is weak although some sentences in the last paragraph regarding Skype and LINE were already mentioned. I'll consider the drawback as per your instruction from the next essay. Thank you very much.

Dear Dynaranjani,

As you said, it will be a better if I compare both views between positive side and negative side parallelly. Meanwhile, I have to consider the causality between personality and confidentiality too. Thank you very much for your view.


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