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Do modern communication technologies benefit all people? Ielts essay

starwish 5 / 9  
Dec 18, 2010   #1
Question: Some people have benefited from modern communication technology, but some people have not benefited from it at all. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Modern communication technologies such as mobile phones, e-mails and internet chat programs like the MSN Messenger have brought significant changes to our lives in recent years. Yet, there remains some disagreement as to whether the overall effect of this innovation has been positive or negative. Although there are valid arguments to the contrary, it is my belief that the majority of people in the globe have benefited greatly from these powerful and effective means of modern communication.

To begin with, mobile phones and other tools of modern communication facilitate not only contact with friends and relatives in faraway places but also global business. With the click of a button, the vast amount of information can be transmitted from America to China in just a few seconds. Furthermore, it is generally felt that the access to these tools of communication is available in every corner of the world. With a mobile phone or a laptop, a person can talk or send messages online at a bus stop, in a corner shop or anywhere they could imagine. Therefore, it seems that these new forms of communication do bring a great deal of convenience to humankind.

Nevertheless, opponents of modern communications claim that only the more privileged are able to enjoy the benefits. They further point out that the wide spread use of these efficient and effective ways of communication costs a considerable amount of money. Anyone who aims to use these innovations have to not only pay for the appliances such as a mobile phone or a computer but also cover up costs for communication services. Consequently, people who live in poverty are less likely to be benefited from modern communication technologies.

By way of conclusion, I believe that modern communication technologies will benefit more people in the future as the pace of life increases; however, the have-nots cannot be ignored simply because they couldn't afford it.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 28, 2010   #2
Capitalize Internet.

Instead of "old people" you could call them senior citizens. That sounds better. :-)

You write very well. Also, I agree with you about the value of the Internet for senior citizens. It is great!! I introduced my grandmother to facebook, and she found many old friends. She also loves youtube because it shows videos of performers she has not seen in decades. Very meaningful, very meaningful.

Look at the question. It asks if all people benefit or not. I think you should ANSWER that question at the end of the first paragraph. Give a sentence that tells whether you agree or disagree. The purpose of the essay is NOT to explore ways to enable them to benefit more.

Also, the people who really do not benefit from technology are people in developing nations where the technology is not available.

OP starwish 5 / 9  
Dec 29, 2010   #3
bobur's reply comes from another essay of mine, the topic is "What ways could technology be useful to old people? How to encourage them to use?", here comes my essay to this topic

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