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In this modern era, everything has changed. Writing Task 2 - Difficult and Easy Healthy Lifestyle

mardian24 46 / 75  
Oct 31, 2016   #1
Some people say that in the modern world it is difficult for people to have a healthy lifestyle. Others, however, say that it is easy for people to be healthy and fit if they want to be.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

In this modern era, everything has changed because people have to do something quickly and ignore their healthy life. Some people think that it can be solved by themselves if they have willingness. However, in my opinion, it depends on how people do an action about their problem and it can be hard or simple to face a challenge in life.

Nowdays, being healthy is something valuable because people argue that they are always sick because of their routinity. One of the problem to be healthy is that people usually buy food wherever they want especially on the street shop. I imagine this is appear due to people do not want have enough time to buy fresh food while they are working. As a result, they will get sick because of dirty food that consist of bacteri. Also, it can make bad effect for long time if they do not have clear mind to get healthy food. However, this is the factor of modern era because people do not make an attention to their healthy life style.

In the other hand, if people want to have a change, I'm sure that they can do it. To have healthy food, inhabitants can prepare and bring their healthy food to their office. Also, they can do a diet for carbo as well to keep their body fit. The consequences is people can be healthy and enjoy their life just as simple as if they want to move and have a spirit to be better than before.

All in all, difficulties are coming from people's mind and nothing difficult to be healthy if they want. I suggest that do not think hard to get your body fit. People only need to make a plan for their activity and do it for themselves and for lovely person in their life.

fanceen 3 / 5 1  
Oct 31, 2016   #2
One of the problems to be healthy is that people
I imagine this is appear think it because due to people do not want to have enough time
... of dirty food that consists of bacteria
it can make a bad effect for a long time
In On the other hand
... do a diet for carbon as well to...
Hi, I'd like to recommend you use an app called "1checker" to revise some basic grammar mistakes.
Some of your sentences are little weird to me. So read more articles from native speakers would help.

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