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In the modern era, a majority of work can be done either by men or women

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Jan 22, 2022   #1

Is it right to exclude males or females from certain professions because of their gender?

Nowadays, there are various jobs which are just suitable for one of two genders. However, in the modern era, a majority of work can be done by both males and females to have a better social life and to develop their kingdom. Some people gave an opinion that it is necessary to exclude males or females from several jobs. In my opinion, equality between males and females should be ameliorated.

It appears that in reality, there exist diverse professions that correspond to male or female. As an illustration, the gender of most nurses in the hospital is nearly all-female because of their care and thoroughness towards the patient. Conversely, construction site jobs are really only suitable for men in view of the fact that the transportation of bricks, sand, and cement is quite difficult for women because of their heavyweight.

Although this may be true, various works are suitable for both males and females. As evidence, the cooking chef in the restaurant could be a woman because she is scrupulous with the decoration of the food. On the other hand, a man can become a professor thanks to his knowledge. For example, math teachers should be male because men are usually sensitive to numbers, so they can teach this subject better than women.

In brief, equality in the profession is necessary and it has to be encouraged more day by day. Everyone has the right to choose their favorite profession, regardless of whether it is for men or women.
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Jan 23, 2022   #2
The frist 2 sentences of the prompt restatement are contradicting each other. The writer claimes that these days there are jobs that are gender specific, but in the modern era, both genders can perform any job. That is where the contradiction lies. "Nowadays" refers to the same "modern era". So the writer has confused the reader due to his misuse of English terms. That is definitely an LR and GRA failure.

better social life and to develop their kingdom

The writer has definitely failed in the prompt restatement portion. He is introducing topics that are not contained within the original prompt. The references are irrelevant and alter the discussion focus. He has already failed the test even though the primary scoring considerations have not been brought forth yet. All because he chose to discuss personal opinions unrelated to the task in the TA section.

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