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IELTS task 2 - Modern forms of communication have reduced the amount of time people to meet friends

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Jan 6, 2016   #1
Modern forms of communication such as email and messaging have reduced the amount of time people spend seeing their friends. This has had a negative effect on their social lives.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advancement of technology makes plenty of people can communicate with others via email or text. Although some people think that this development give harmful effect for people because they have less time to socialize with their close friends, I believe it is not fully true.

People think that the new ways of communication cause detrimental impact on human social live. This because most people prefer keep in touch with other people include their family members and their best friend by sending message or email than making a physical meeting with them or gathering together in one place to talk or share their problems. For example, a person can greet her friend by writing greeting message even though she do not attend to her birthday party. This fact prove that it make people have lack of social experiences.

However, this reason is not utterly acceptable because this sophisticated form of communication also offer many advantages in social relationship among communities. People living far away from their relatives can contact them regularly without squandering too much time and high cost. For example, an Indonesian student who is studying in Canada can tell his information by transmitting an email or a short message service (SMS) to his parents. It is more efficient, fast and cheap than he calls them by phone or send letter. Another benefit of modern communication method is most people obtain simplicity to spread information or news to other population because message or text on email or SMS may be copied, as the result they are not necessary to retype again the similar messages.

To conclude, the advanced way of communication has the bad effect for our social life, but it also provide some merits for society. As long as people can control its bad impact, they will gain lots of positive effect of this.

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