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Modern lifestyles are increasingly stressful, therefore people in this world are faced by stress.

Anfalia 40 / 56 23  
Mar 17, 2015   #1
Stress is now major problem in many countries around the world.
What are some of the factors in modern society that cause this stress, and how can we reduce it?

Modern lifestyles are increasingly stressful. For this reason, people in this world are faced by stress. While demanding jobs and high qualifying exams or tests are the main factors, I am personally convinced that some measurements enable this case to be solved.

It is undeniable that stress addresses two crucial factors. Initially, people work long hours with strict deadlines. As an obvious example, the majority of people in London are workaholic, and almost a half of their day is spent on workplace -twelve hours a day for six days a week. A demand from their employers to finish job well in exact time and an increase in high salary encourage them to do so. Consequently, people have less time to relax. Another factor makes people especially students to be stressful is tests or exams which enable them who do not have a solid emotional support think seriously about how to be successful and get favorable result on test.

However, stress can be reduced by taking regular exercise. People with full-time work have to take regular exercise at least once a week. As an obvious example, nowadays the majority of civil servants or regular employees in Indonesia have regular jogging or cycling every Sunday in public areas such as park and town square. As a result, physical activity encourages emotional tension to be reduced through human body. Also, schools have to employ psychologists to offer emotional support for students so as to be relaxed and do well on test.

Taking into account from the arguments mentioned so, stressful is avoidable for inhabitants when they cannot manage their emotional distress. It is imperative that getting sufficient sleep and making leisure time a priority are important aspects to be applied in human life to not be stressful and can enjoy their happy lives.

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