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Modern technology has made shopping today easier, while others disagree. Discuss both view

TuanHarry 2 / 2  
Dec 7, 2020   #1

new technology and shopping

While it is a common belief that breakthroughs in technology have accelerated shopping more convenient, others are opposed to this statement. This essay will examine both these views before giving the final verdict.

On the one hand, state-to-the-art technology has brought about a variety of amenities for consumers. First of all, online shopping stemming from the advent of smartphones and laptops with an internet connection has facilitated the public to order food and drinks without heading out for a supermarket. As a result, consumers could be able to shorten meal preparing time, which, in turn, aids them to allocate more time for work. Additionally, modern technology has provided customers with a precious opportunity to steer clear of squandering hours to stand in line for billing. This is because cashiers these days are equipped with an array of money counting machines, which lessens billing time compared to the past when cashiers had to count money notes by themselves without any technological assistance.

On the other hand, other opponents assert that brand-new technology might trigger some unanticipated hurdles in shopping. One of the most plausible downsides of harnessing technology in shopping is to challenge the elderly generation. For instance, people with inherited disadvantages in mountainous areas in Vietnam are inclined to ignore online shopping since they fail to perform complicated tasks on a smartphone to order necessities. In tandem with this, harnessing technology in shopping also requires customers to provide a variety of personal information for security purposes, which demands consumers to be patient. Consequently, this rigorous checking might result in some undesired shopping experiences for customers.

In conclusion, although some people contend that modern technology might cause several unanticipated difficulties for consumers, it is my firm conviction that people are likely to go shopping more convenient in light of the device of up-to-date technologies.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,033 4249  
Dec 8, 2020   #2
You are not being asked to give a verdict in this essay. Only an opinion. A task 2 essay will never ask you to come to a conclusion because there is no conclusion to be made. You cannot make a decision for other people. That is why this is a public opinion comparison with your personal opinion presentation. You can only offer a personal opinion for each public opinion presented based upon your explanation of the public opinion and your degree of agreement or disagreement with the given statement. You have provided solely personal opinions in this presentation, which do not account for an explanation based on the public point of view. The format is incorrect. The more appropriate format is:

Sentence 1: Public opinion
Sentence 2: Explanation of the public opinion
Sentence 3: Transition to your personal opinion
Sentence 4: State your personal opinion
Sentence 5: Explanation / reasoning presentation to convince the reader of your opinion.

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