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Does modern technology make us freer or busier? It is a phenomenon that people bring work home.

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Feb 1, 2015   #1
It is sometimes said that modern technology brings people more free time. However, other people say it is keeping them busier. Discuss both of the views and give your own opinions.

The root of technology development is to assist people at work, but modern life can attest to how technologies have benefited humankind in every aspect of life and freed us from manual jobs. However, in some extent, it does force us to work more than ever before.

It is a phenomenon that people bring work home. Technology development has spurred production, creating so many tasks that workers have sacrifice their leisure time to finish them. Also, electronic communication tools like computer programs or mobile phones have connected people easier than ever. For example, an online meeting between a Japanese and an American business may occur at midnight according to New York time zone. Or many people complain that they can not escape from calls from offices even in their holidays. Also, many are lured in endless news and recreational games on the Internet, conjuring up the image of family members staring at their phones during family gatherings.

Nevertheless, technology freeing people outweighs its disadvantages. Thanks to labour saving equipment, women have more time for their career and themselves, which somehow boosts gender equality. Modern transportation helps people travel much faster, saving time and increasing their spare time proportion in a 24-hour day. For example, instead of traveling oversea by ships that could take several moths to destine, tourists now spend only few hours on plane to go from North to South hemisphere, making them have more time to enjoy their journeys. Moreover, people have been free from manual and repetitive tasks since the advent of computers. To name some, Microsoft Office programs or electronic calculators are the most helpful assistants at work.

To conclude, I think technology advances bring back huge advantages, outweighing its disadvantages.

----- Thanks in advance for checking my essay. I think my conclusion is a little bit short. Can you expand it and make it more interesting?

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Feb 2, 2015   #2
To conclude, even though technologies can squander your time in aforementioned ways, notwithstanding they make a significant impact on our society in a positive way which can effortlessly exterminate its disadvantages.

This is my version for your conclusion.Hopefully, it espoused you at some extent.
Overall, it is definitely a well-written essay, keep up the good work!

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