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In the modern world, it is no longer necessary to use animal as food or to use animal products

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Jun 3, 2021   #1

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some body said:" Nowadays, we are living in high-tech century and due to that killing animals for food or to produce goods is not a necessity in our life". I am completely agree with this opinion and have no doubt about that.

In this day and age, as the result of science development and the creative of chefs, citizens now can eat beef without killing any cow or ox. According to the famous food magazine of Viet Nam, in Australia, people are eating meat which has origin from potatoes. That female chef investigate about how vegetarians keep continue eating vegetables without depressed about the taste in a long time. And finally she found out that they adulterate the meat by mixing potatoes and proteins synthesized from plants. What a great science achievement in cooking industry. Now the community of vegetarians can eat steak like other odirnary people.

In today modern society, there are not difficult to find a person who only eats vegetables or plants product in their meal. At the present, we can calculate the nutritions in our foods and people find out that vegetables can provide us the nutritions as good as meat or even better. In some sports, there are athlete or gymer only consume vitamins and essential subtances included in plants. And doctors did some experiments on them, they informed that the fat percentage in the vegetarians blood is lower than meat-consumers.

To sum up, with the improvement of present society, using animal as a meat production tools is not the vital problem in our life anymore. We can use vegetables as the alternative nutritions provider and look forward to the healthy and balance lifestyle.
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Jun 4, 2021   #2
You cannot use uncited information in a task 2 essay. Do not get used to using this incorrect writing format. Restate the topic in general terms.

we are living in high-tech century

This is a part of your defense statement. Use this as a part of your reasoning topic after your extent response.

creative of chefs

LR error. The correct phrase is "creativeness of chefs" Please note:

creative - originative; productive

creativeness- having the quality or power of creating

Refer to word meaning clarity in this instance.

they adulterate the meat ...

This is incorrect reasoning. Vegetarians do not eat meat of any sort. You just contradicted your own opinion, creating a confusing opinion.

In reality, your discussion is confusing. You state one reason in the first paragraph, then discuss howmeat is mixed inthe a vegetarian diet. Needless to say, it is difficult to understand the point of your presentation. You are incoherent. Perhaps you are translating from your mother tongue to English, which caused the confusion.

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