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"Money should be spend to resolve global issues first, not wasted on space" - ielts

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Sep 5, 2011   #1
Topic: Should governments spend money on space exploration, or should they spend the money on problems here first?


Governments of many countries are spending money on exploring the space, which is a very costly affair. This has sparked lot of debate. Some say we need to explore the universe while others contend that its not needed and instead same money should be spend on more pressing problems of the world.

Government of US spends maximum of money of different space programs when compared to other countries. Exploring space, trips to moon, all these requires lot of money due to extreme advanced technology, equipments like space crafts and all. Due to these investments only, we have got to know many facts about universe, galaxies, gravity on the moon. This has satisfied curiosity of many scientist and provides a mean to discover different ways to make earth more secure and safe place to live in.

However, there are thousands of pressing issues which needs immediate attention like poverty, uneducation, natural calamities, hunger and diseases. These are the problems in developing countries which can be taken care even if one third of the money spend on space exploration is spend on these major issues. In my opion, money should be spend on these critical issues instead of space exploration. Lets make life better on earth before moving on to the space. Every human being on eath should get basic necessities of the life first. Every person should have access to good education, medical system, good housing and good food.

To summarize, I would conclude that money should be spend to resolve global issues first and then we should think of space exploration. Its not at all justified to ignore these global issues and keep pouring money in space research.

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