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IELTS; Money spending on space exploration is a complete waste/ Agree or disagree?

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Apr 21, 2013   #1
Please help to improve my writing skills, preparing for IELTS exam. Kindly suggest to me how can I improve my skills to write an essay (to secure reasonable Band in) 40 mins. Sometimes it is very hard for me to brainstrom and express all within that time. I shall be thankful to anyone who could suggest some key points. Thanking you

billions of dollars on space research

Throughout the history of mankind, we humans have always been eager to explore the world and space around us. Many developed countries have been funding the research programs aim at developing and improving the technology for space exploration. On the other hand, several research programs aim at improving the quality of life and providing the basic necessities of life to needy people have not been implemented due to lack of funds. The question, however, whether or not money spends on space exploration is a complete waste, is a controversial one. I believe, given all the troubles in today's world, spending money on space exploration is a complete waste for many reasons.

First, space exploration projects require billions of dollars to carry out the research, train astronauts, and develop specialized human and robotic spacecrafts. Typically, each project lasted for many years with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy and results that can be helpful to mankind. At the same time, the population of the earth has been increasing at an alarming rate. It goes without saying that even so many successful achievements in life sciences, billions of people have been struggling day and night only to earn the very basic necessities of life and millions of people have nothing to eat at all. Several underdeveloped countries with over hundred million-population don't have any health system for the people.

Second, as a human, it is much more important to solve the mystery of several severe or life-threatening diseases of the world rather than solving the mystery of universe spreading through limitless space. It is shocking to read, tens of thousands of people are dying of cancer every year around the world. In many cases, patients died either due to lack of funds or there was no research for the specific tumour available at the time. In addition to that, we don't even have discovered the cure of AIDs. All of these people could be given a chance to live if adequate funds and research were available. For the sake of space exploration spending billions of dollars is not worth in comparison to human life.

As a brief, given all the troubles in the world and presence of life-threatening diseases killing thousands of people, it is not worth to spend the money to space exploration. Governments, especially in developed countries, should fund research projects aim at facilitating the needy people and underdeveloped countries so that the standard of living can be improved in other socioeconomic classes. If necessary, each space research project should be critically evaluated with respect to its impact on life on earth. With each dollar we spent on space research we can save many lives on earth.
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Apr 21, 2013   #2
... the research programs that aim at developing and improving the technology ...

... programs aim at improving ...

... "aim at " is getting repeated. This is my suggestion;
On the other hand, not enough attention is given for the projects that are focused on alleviating poverty.

whether or not money spendsshould be spent on space ...

...pay attention to grammar!
Good introduction. It contains all necessary features :)

ypically, each project lastedcontinue for many years ...

.... strong arguments....very good!

Several underdeveloped countries with ...

.... Well, you are expected to support your reasons with specific exampels. What you have written sounds like proof for your reasoning, but lacks its specific nature. You can tell this same idea through some specific example;

People living in underdeveloped countries like Ethiopia, suffer severely with inadequate hygienic and health conditions.

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