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'In Mongolian it sounds like rice' - I have a destination to reach!

budgerel 2 / 1  
Apr 21, 2012   #1

Mongolian Rice

The cool wind was blowing, the sun was shining warmly and the earth was very calm on the morning of the seventh of December, 1994. On this day, a very small cute girl was born who was loved by other people. This girl is I. When I was growing up and becoming a cheerful child, I asked my parents thousands of "why". Asking my parents those questions probably made me curious and open-minded, and they brought much essential knowledge all about the world to me.

Since that time seventeen years has passed. As representing a young generation of Mongolia, I have my own purpose, dream and many things that I like to do. I just like looking at the blue sky without thinking anything, playing the piano, helping others and going for a walk with the people I love the most. I also like the autumn leaves, summer rain, winter snow and spring blossoms.

One sunny day about two years ago, I had a chance to meet a very good English teacher. My parents brought me to her English training center because of my poor marks at my English course. At that time, I did not like to learn English very much because I did not understand it. At first I didn't appreciate it, but my teacher eventually helped me change my mind. She talked about her travels in America and she told me, "If I had not learned this language, I would have never gone abroad. You should learn English because it will be useful for you." After this talk, I understood that only learning English can allow me to fulfill my dream to go to the USA. But it was very hard for me at first. I could not learn new words immediately and I felt ashamed among the students whose English was very good. So I promised to myself to work hard and become as good as them.

Last year, I applied for the Mongolian Young Scholars Program and managed to participate in this program. This action was a result of my continuous efforts to learn English. This opportunity gave me the point that "If you really want to do something, you can do it". But I still knew that my knowledge was not enough and I had to study more. Therefore I started to study English grammar, take tests, and learn new words every single day. After a lot of work and a lot of time spent, I had another chance to be proud of myself. I participated in a presentation competition about air pollution in English and won a silver medal this year. This couraged my desire to continue learning English more and more.

I wish everybody had an opportunity like mine, so they all could reveal their good sides. I have goal now and will have it in the future too. I will never give up and I will fight for it. If I will be available to go to America, my dream will be alive. I'm looking forward to seeing that country and learning many things there.

My name is Budgerel but just call me Budaa. In Mongolian it sounds like rice.

apoklypz 2 / 4  
Apr 21, 2012   #2
..."understanding that if you want, you can do"...

I think it's "if you want to, you can do it". But there's also a popular saying "If you believe you can, you can" which you can use. For someone who learnt English 2 years ago, your grammar and writing is pretty good. I hope you achieve your goal. Send me a postcard when you are in America ;)

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