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A Mother's Love - she influenced my life

In my life, the person who has the most significant influence on me is my mom, Michal Vallejo. She has greatly influence my life by teaching me the value of hard work, the value of family, and the value of giving to others.

My mom, Michal Vallejo, taught me the value of hard work at an early age. As young as eight or nine, I was already given various chores around the house such as: cleaning dishes, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, mopping, cleaning windows, and feeding the pets. Mom also taught me at an early age to care for children and how to cook. At the time, like all children of that age, I was less than amused with this "slave labor." It was not until later in my life that I realized how my mom was just trying to teach me things I would need to know later in life. With these simple chores came lessons of self-discipline, cleanliness, responsibilities, and organization.

The value of family was also taught to me at an early age. Looking back to my early years, various gatherings for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions were planned by my mother to bring the family together. Whether it was Thanksgiving, theme parties, Bronco games, or just simple pot lucks, my mom got people together for one simple reason... to teach the value of family!

Giving to others was also a value shown to me early in my life. As long as I can remember, my mom has always been a giving person. She has shown me that family or not, we should always give to people in need. From taking in foster children, to cooking for others, to caring for the stray neighborhood cats, she has always looked out for others before herself. This is why I believe today that "giving is better than receiving."

I remember the first time my mom saw a stray cat eating leftover bread crumbs on the ground, she use to put cat food out on the front porch so it could eat. The first cat she named was Blue Eyes, it was a Siamese with baby blue eyes.

Michal Vallejo was born in Denver, Colorado, June 8, 1955. She has brown hair, light brown eyes, light dark skinned, big boned, Some people had told me I have resembles of my mom in many ways. Her face is a bit more round than mine, but the softly waving brown hair around it is identical. The small, straight nose is the same model I was born with. My mother's mouth is closed, yet there is just the slightest hint of a smile on her full lips. I know that if she had smiled, she would have shown the same wide grin and down curving "smile lines" that appear in my own snapshots. The most haunting features in the photo, however, are my mother's eyes. She has the light brown eyes and I have dark brown eyes that are the same shape. Her brows are plucked into thin lines, which are like two pencils strokes added to highlight those fines, luminous eyes. She's medium height perfect for her age and body. We both have the same complexion; however, we use the same color foundation.

She has a sister named Rachele and two brothers Ed and Dean. Rachele is sixty years old, has black hair, black eyes, and shiny lips. She is pale skinned, medium boned, wears colorful clothes throughout the year and bulky jewelry. She's always been a hard worker all her life and is still working. Ed is forty-nine years old, husky, dark brown haired, brown eyed, dark skinned, and was in the military as a military police officer. Dean is forty-six years old, brown eyed, black haired, slender, and light skinned. Victoria Carabajal, her mom is eighty years old, slender,white hair, hazel eyed, light skinned,

At the age of four or five, Michal was wearing hand me down clothes, long thick brown hair, and light brown eyes, was on her hands and knees scrubbing floors, doing laundry, ironing, and doing dishes. When she was nine, her mom Victoria taught her how to make masa (homemade flour tortilla) by hand. As years went by, growing up in the sixties. Michal was in her teens grew up to be a young, beautiful lady with long brown hair down to her waist, wearing long bottoms, brown sandals, and a flower top, known as the flower girl. She use to tell me, "Those were the good days back then." By the time she was sixteen, she met the love of her life and got marry. At seventeen she had her first daughter, Lydia. They move to New Mexico, Albuquerque to find work and turn out there wasn't any work, literally starving. They live there for a year and move back to Colorado. When Michal was twenty-five, they divorced.

Michal lived on her own raising Lydia until she started to work as a bartender. The time she worked, there was a lonely, depressed, Mexican guy, drinking beer. Her friends had met the guy and told Michal to meet him, she didn't want to, but she did anyway. They introduce to each other, he asked her on a date, and years later they got marry. At twenty-eight she had another baby girl name Tess.

At the end, she has given me a good life to become a good woman of what I am today. She taught me everything I need to know. I want to be a person who wants to get marry and have a family. My teacher, my leader, my friend, and most of all my mom

"A Mother's Love" By Tess Vallejo describes the love of a mother could give is something priceless. The inspiration, the strength and the influence that it brings to us can only be rewarded by nothing else but pure love.

Sacrifice. A word which may mean nothing, but means a lot to a mother. A child and mother's life is deeply connected. There is this love that a mother feels for her child. Mothers carry their young and take care of them until they become adults. Mothers make sure that their children are safe and happy. As what others may think, being a mother does not mean loneliness. Raising children may be a frustrating and tiring job, but seeing how they grow and become successful persons is nothing but enough to give fulfillment to a mother. Mothers sacrifice their own happiness just for the wellness just for the wellness of their children. A mother's heart is a place like home. Not matter what happens, there will always come the time that a child will seek advice from her mother on how to deal with certain situations that she might be encountering. Absence of a mother is something tragic for a person. Each one of us has started living on our mother's womb. As we grow up, we happen to long for a "mother" to understand and guide us. Mother means everything. A companion, a friend, a teacher and an angel. We may sometimes forget, but one thing remains a truth: mother's love is what made the person we are today. We credit them for giving us unconditional love. It is incomparable, everlasting and will forever remain in our hearts.

Thank for yours essay.

This essay is full of new and useful vocabularies to me. I can improve much.

I see this essay seems to describe a person than saying your mother's love.

However, I love your vocabularies.

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