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Motorways help people travel quickly and cover long distances but they also cause problems.

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Jul 15, 2017   #1
Motorways help people travel quickly and cover long distances but they also cause problems. What are the problems of motorways and what solutions are there?

high-speed transportation shortcomings - solutions

It is true that the construction of motorways promotes high-speed transportation and alleviate burden of prolonged travelling. Despite these advantages, this amenity has its own demerits such as environmental degradation, pollution and dangerous journeys.

One of the main issues associated with broad highway is the negative impact on environment. Many of these routes, for example, have created after destroying clusters of plant species, thus reducing the green part of the area, which promotes the chance of global warming. Moreover, heavy traffic on motorways creates pollution. This means vehicles emit enormous amount of smoke and probably a great noise, consequently people and nature might suffer with this problem.

Yet another main problems of motorways is its chances of accidents due to speed of motor vehicles and weather conditions. In these routes, for instance, speed limits likely to be more higher than city or village routes. If they are not maintaining adequate speed or exceeds limits, perhaps will lead to road traffic accidents. Furthermore, climatic conditions often increase accidents by altering visual pathways or covering sign boards (for example: smog). These all are the main demerits of motorways.

There are some solutions that can be taken to curtail issues in motorways. Firstly, government should plan properly before constructing such pathways and give more consideration to the environment in order to reduce negative impact on it. Secondly, it is always possible to provide awareness campaign to drivers regarding traffic rules and protocols to reduce incidents. Lastly, smoke tests strategies and sound restrictions policies should be implemented to curb the issues of pollution.

To conclude, thanks to motorway, which helps to save more time in the hectic life of many people: however, its negative consequences should not be forgotten. On the other hand, close and cordial actions on the part of government and public can help to curtail such negatives to a great extent.

Dear friends, kindly give your suggestion. Because I have stuck on 6.5 in ielts exam after my 3rd attempt in writing module as I need 7 band. Please

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Jul 15, 2017   #2
Anu, the overall score for your essay is a 5. The score is based upon the improper paraphrasing of the opening statement, lack of proper paragraph / discussion development, and lack of complex sentence development. Your lexical resource is amateur at best and did not help to increase your score either. Had you properly paraphrased the prompt discussion, your score could have been increased to at least a 6. At this point, your biggest problem in the essay seems to be your inability to properly paraphrase the prompt. That led to a misunderstanding of the prompt requirements and your discussion. Since the paraphrasing is supposed to outline the discussion, in the manner required by the original instruction, you need to practice developing your outline statements. Make sure that you only offer the topic for discussion, the discussion purpose, and the manner of discussion properly in the opening statement before you move on to the body paragraphs.

In order to increase your score, use only one strong discussion subject per paragraph instead of 2. The way you have your paragraphs set up, you only managed to present the idea instead of properly setting up the discussion in a coherent and cohesive manner. That means that the paragraphs need to clearly show your topic and fully explain its relevance to the discussion. This is how you manage to increase your vocabulary and grammar score. When you try to present more than one idea in a paragraph, the essay suffers because you are not able to properly represent your English grammar / written skills.

In reference to your paragraphs, make sure that you always have at least 3 sentences in there, regardless of whether it is the paraphrasing, body paragraph, or conclusion. With regards to the conclusion that you have written, you should have properly summarized the effects of the development of motorways within the paragraph. One sentence representing that would have been sufficient. As it is, your concluding statement is incomplete and could really use some work so you could improve the presentation.
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Thank you for your valuable time.

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