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Mrs. More: Describe a person you most admire, and the impact they had on you

yahyabluecat 3 / 4  
May 8, 2010   #1
Please help me on this essay !!

Life is complicated. It is full of problems and surprises .Our job is to solve the problems and to understand the surprises in that way which makes us feel better and happier .For each of us there is one person who has been made difference in our lives. A family member, a friend or a teacher can make the difference. Sometimes these changes become part of our lives and are not easy to forget but, mostly to be admired or loved.

Mr. More is a teacher that was the most influential person in my life. I really admire hem because he always encouraged me to go to class and treat other teachers and students with respect. he also kept me out of trouble. If I ever needed any extra help in homework or to study for a test; he was there, it didn't matter which subject it was. He always told me that people are never stupid and are capable of doing any thing once you set your mind to it ; they might need more help , or take a little longer than others to learn something, but they are never stupid.

There was another time I didn't want to take a math test that I wasn't prepared for. I don't know what happened to me that day, I was determined not to take that test, but the talk and comfort and encouragement that he gave me made me believe that I could pass the test and nothing else could stop me from passing it, so I took it and I passed it.

Mr. More is easy to talk too, I could just tell hem anything because he's very honest and talks to me openly about anything in life. He was always ready to listen to me when I was feeling down. With his comfort and warm words I always felt better and important. When I needed some advice, he was there for me. He was like a friend to me. Mrs. More has a great passion and love to teach children. He has so much patience to sit down with them and explain the work to them. He never makes the school work boring; he always made it fun and exciting and easier to learn. He always did it with a smile on hir face. Mr.More completely changed my life around and made me a different person the one I am today.

Mrs. Mores was the one person who I admired the most and to whom I am very thankful because he gave me the inspiration to want become a electrical engineer, I am very glad that I met him.

milan2003_07 - / 1  
May 10, 2010   #2
Please, check the Tenses you have used in your essay. In several phrases you are mixing them by using Present Tenses and then suddenly switching to Past Tenses. This does not work!!!

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