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IELTS: multinational companies are supporting our life, in lieu of ruining it.

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Feb 18, 2015   #1
In most countries multinational companies and their products are becoming more and more important.
This trend is seriously damaging our quality of life.
Do you agree or disagree?

Multinational companies are always wonderful to have in any society. It is reasonable since they often produce for us a variety of products. This can help us have more choices when it comes to considering buying any items. Another reason is that, they will advocate us to not to be obsolete compared to other places. Therefore, I am personally convinced that the multinational companies are not destroying the quality of our life.

The items that we get from the multinational companies are really different from the rest of the company. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to choose any products in the national company because the choices are so limited. That is the point when the multinational companies step in. They usually offer us with a wide range of products that can satisfy our demand with ease. It does not always apply to every single multinational company since there are some multinational companies out there, which are even worse than the national company. Notwithstanding, the number of that type of company is quite modest. It is understandable because the vast majority of multinational companies will only emerge when they truly believe that they can entice many clients. For pragmatic instance, I have recently purchased a laptop from the foreign company because our companies do not have any powerful laptops as other countries' companies do. As a result, the multinational companies really benefit our lives.

Aside from the huge amount of choices, they bolster us regarding keeping up with other countries. It would be absolutely unfair for our people if we did not have those companies. Envision yourself a society with the national companies only. This can be a disadvantage for our people if they yearn the products that only the multinational companies possess. This can render our society to be out-of-date in comparison with other societies. Hence, thanks to the multinational companies, we now can stay updated in some sense.

The aforesaid evidence insinuates that multinational companies are supporting our life, in lieu of ruining it. Taking all the points into account, I am against the community, which asserts that the multinational companies are spoiling the quality of our life.
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Feb 18, 2015   #2
Hi there!

I think you essay was great, but one advice that I can give is to avoid using personal pronouns like "our, you, your, we, us". This type of pronouns make sounds that you also include the examiner in your opinion. What if your opinions are not the same with what she/he knows, then you will get less points. I suggest that you use other types of synonyms instead of personal pronouns like for example people, individuals, persons, others etc...

Good luck :)

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