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Feb 21, 2021   #1

space exploration technology

Some people argue that space exploration has had more to do with national pride than international effort.
To what extent do you agree?
How do you think space exploration will change in the future?

As far as the space exploration is concerned, obviously it has become one of the most noticeable issues in the world that governments should take into deep consideration. Whereas some countries tend to regard it as their prideful achievement, people from different parts of the world consider that international cooperation is quite necessary to develop this department. This essay will support my favor for the latter opinion and discuss how advanced technology will alter the space exploration.

It is totally comprehensible when some superpower countries always desire to possess the "crown", which means standing on the highest position in the world. For this reason, they usually try to pursue significant or even nearly impossible dreams just in order to demonstrate their superior power. For example, unlike weapon fights having occured in World War 1, there was a cold war between Western and Eastern areas after World War 2, which mainly focused on the best solution to help people land on the Moon. In essence, this was definitely an advanced technology competition, which ended up with the winner award belonging to the Western bloc, especially when the US succeeded to take Neil Armstrong to the Moon for the first time of its history. This achievement led the America reached its zenith of power in the world.

On the other hand, I strongly adhere to my sentiments that endeavoring to make good use of space exploration should be regarded by authorities to a great extent. This demands a tight collaboration of multiple countries to make the exploration of space change in the most positive way in the future. Hence, space can be easily and fiercely explored not only to develop tourism but also to establish new home shelters in other planets for people, in case the exhausted Earth may no longer be alive in the upcoming time as it is immensely impacted by the climate change and other toxic factors. Luckily, as a great tribute to NASA - the international organization specializing in space and astronomy has recently succeeded to land its medium-sized aircraft on Mars and will still continue to exploit the planet later on.

By and large, in spite of the fact that a small portion of national pride will probably disrupt the worldwide collaboration, I still place a high value on international effort, which will be the inevitable part helping space exploration to cope with several hot problems. It is also alarming to invest more in the research of space exploration technology.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,926 3851  
Feb 21, 2021   #2
You have a maximum of 40 minutes to write this paper. The proper word allotment is within 250-300 words due to the editing, proofreading, and finalization of the presentation. You cannot complete more than 400 words for your writing based on these guidelines. Next time, try to write within the suggested word count instead. While there is no penalty for writing more words, you should be focused on the quality, clarity, and overall presentation of the paper, rather than just the word count. Long essays more often than not, end up with more errors, less clarity, and a failure to actually comply with the prompt requirements. Hence the suggested word count. It is important to be able to double check yourself when writing these Task 2 essays in an effort to increase your score per rubic consideration and overall.

There is an immediate an noticeable error in this presentation that will automatically affect your TA score. You failed to respond properly to the direct questions being asked. There is no appropriate thesis statement presented at the end of the presentation. You neither give a proper measured response, nor provide the proper topic outline based on the reason for your position and what specific change will happen in the future. The lack of clear thesis statement will affect the clarity of your response based on the TA considerations.

Do not alter the discussion topic. Use relevant examples for your discussion. World War 2 changes the profile of that that discussion, making it about the war rather than the space race. That War had nothing to 2 with the race for space exploration. That is all about the race to the moon, which was not really well discovered at the time. The phrase "space exploration" is a more modern reference as China, America, Russia, India, and other countries are racing to be the first to Mars, where actual space exploration has already begun in earnest, causing international pride for America, who is backing Elon Musk and his relatively successful SpaceX programs. NASA is heavily reliant on the SpaceX programs for its trip to Mars and current remote exploration of that planet so your reference points, are a bit off, but acceptable since the main requirement is to use your understanding of the publicly available information.
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Feb 21, 2021   #3
There are some position and spelling mistakes in your essay. Using 'occurred' instead of 'occured'. The 'obviously' stands in the middle of the first sentence so you should add one more comma behind that adverb. Using 'America' instead of 'the America' in the last sentence of the second paragraph. Using 'lead... to reach' instead of 'lead...reached'. There are many free websites that assist you to check spelling mistakes.

Moreover, your thesis is not clear as @Holt mentioned above, you should give the thesis statement at the beginning of the paragraph and use ideas to support it.