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Museums and artworks are important for the country, for the history, and culture from international

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May 10, 2017   #1

museums and artworks importance

Museums and various artworks are one of the most valuable assets of a country. Because of this, I strongly agree that their value for the nation, for the history, and culture must be emphasized in the locality and in the global setting.

One of the vital contributions of museums and artworks for the country is to establish economical stability. With the income generated from the admission fees in the museums along with the profits obtained from the souvenir artwork items, a significant enhancement in the economic state of a country will be evident. For example, the tax attained from the the museums can be utilized to enhance the public services offered for the community and will also have a huge impact in the economic standing of a nation. In addition, museums and diferent artworks provide employment for the country. With the prevalence of museums, an increase in manpower hiring will also be prominent. As a result, more job opportunities will be available especially for the local community, thus contributing to the overall development of a country.

Furthermore, museums and artworks have a substantial part in preserving the history and culture of a country. With the prevalence of technological advancement these days, the younger generations are often unaware of the history and culture of their own nation. However, with the availability of these museums and artworks, the youth can certainly contemplate on their distinct culture and traditions. Another importance of artworks is its representation for the country. It is without a doubt that each country has its own valued artworks. Therefore, with these artwork materials, the country will be able to share and showcase their culture and history for the whole world to witness.

To conclude, museums and artworks play a significant role in the development of the society and the country. Therefore, I strongly believe that these treasured aspects of the nation should be preserved and promoted in the entire globe.


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May 10, 2017   #2
Some mistakes of your essay:
... artworks are two of the most ...
In the 2nd paragraph, i feel little confused about your idea. You should shorten and cut some words.

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