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Museums are supposed to be affordable to all people

Yusri31 28 / 31 8  
Apr 4, 2016   #1
One of the revenue sources of museums is the selling result of admission ticket to visitors. Intrinsically, I do not prompt when people must buy a ticket when they will visit a museum, due to the reason that museums are supposed to be publicly, where all people can visit this place to get plenty of insight regarding history.

The main income sources of the majority of museums come from their visitors, as the budgets allocated by governments to evolve museums is considered not enough, as to give the best service to visitors is needed large budget. According to the recent data from Cultural Assessment Centers (CAC) of Indonesia shows that there are plenty of museums are closed, as they do not have budget to manage and evolve the museums. They just depend on the budgets from governments, as they do not charge for admission. Therefore, the selling of admission ticket is pivotal to encourage the improving of museums. However, it is important to note that museums are supposed to be publicly where it can be affordable to all people.

There is doubt that museums are pivotal to increase insight of folks regarding history in the past and all people should have a right to be able visiting museums because it is public building. Therefore, museums should be affordable to all people, as it cannot be denied that one of the factors which influence the interest of visitor who will visit museums is the price of admission ticket. As a result, to increase the interest of people to visit museums, the government must eliminate the regulation regarding ticket admission. However, government must increase the number of budget allocated to museums.

All in all, intrinsically the disadvantages of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the advantages. I prompt that museums are supposed to be affordable to all people and the government must facilitate all people to be able visiting museums.

LaPolo11 12 / 28  
Apr 4, 2016   #2
All in all

, intrinsically the disadvantages of charging ...
the words all in all are good words, nonetheless, these words are better for speaking
to make a conclusion,

this word below can be a pragmatic alternative :
the aforementioned evidence shows/explains/ reveals/ examines that.....
to conclude
to sum up
and so on

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