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Music development-writing task 2 in ielts test

beepro21 15 / 22  
Aug 19, 2011   #1
We can not deny the great importance of music as a means of entertainment both in the past and in current modern society. In the past, music and live performances were made to meet a need of entertainment as music removes them temporarily from anguish of the life in earnest. Nowadays, to relax after a long day, a person can listen to songs which are widely available on the radio or on TV , in a CD or in a theater. It is likely that with the technology's support, music is now more easily accessible to listeners than ever before, which seems to bring about both advantages and disadvantages. This writing will argue that the advantages of music development outweigh its disadvantages.

Due to technology and advertising development, many records are released each year, which means that it is not difficult to find and enjoy music. Since 1950s of the last century, music industry has developed strongly. Many music awards are given to honor the singers and artists who have great contributions to music development in the world. The fact results in some notable advantages. Firstly, music lovers or audiences benefit a lot from this development. They can have a variety of choices in music tastes such as pop, rock, jazz, country, ...The diversity in music enriches people's spiritual lives because each song is a message from the soul of a composer. It can express our secret thoughts, our wild dreams and our complex emotions. It also encourages people to be stronger and more optimistic about life. Secondly, the distance between artists and audience is shortened remarkably because of advanced technologies. Thanks to power of the media, singers can have massive advertising campaigns and their music products can come closer to the music lovers. For example, a hit song can be spread quickly among Internet users and can get immediate responses. Furthermore, the availability of music indicates a high level of social development in which music entertainment is satisfied sufficiently. It proves that the nature of social development means better life to everyone.

However, the quick development of music market brings us some disadvantages. Copycat phenomena and body show -off is not strange to us these days but governments seem to have some obstacles to control the music healthiness. Singers have a big influence on thinking ways and lifestyles of people especially the youth. Many teenagers wear sexy outfits merely because they want to look like their idols. In addition, foul language and images in video music also partly influence teenagers' personality development.

In conclusion, music development affect our spiritual lives greatly so government's effective actions are necessary to control the disadvantages and guarantee a healthy development toward truth, kindness and beauty.
Alisha123 9 / 18  
Aug 19, 2011   #2
we do not write etc in Ilets essay
rather than writing short, write in conlcusion
what do u mean by bad music... however there must be other words to express music like sad, slow, fast music

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