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Name a world leader you think is important. It is a part of Toefl IBT exam.

MohannadElshawy 1 / 1  
Oct 15, 2015   #1
Hi All,

Could you please review my essay about a world leader. it is a part of Toefl IBT exam.

Here is the essay :

From my prospective, I believe that prophet Mohammed is one of the preeminent world leadership. Although many people in the world don't follow his religious, they prefer and respect the values and concepts of Islam. This essay will demonstrate the main three reasons that convince me to consider Prophet Mohammed as world leadership.

First, He delivered the most important message in the world and it is called Islam. I believe in that because Islam means the peace for all the Muslim and non-Muslim people. If we have a look inside his character, we will find that he applies all the values and rules of the Islam in all circumstances. He has great situations while he and Muslim army were fighting their enemies. One of the remarkable situation is releasing all the prisoners that captured after he won an important war with their enemies. So, he taught the world the meaning of the peace.

Second, He is the first Leader in the world who show us the meaning of the human rights in practical behavior. He was established in a society that doesn't respect the human beings especially the women and the poor people. They considered them as slaves that must serve the rich people. They also killed the newborn female children as they believe that girls bring shame for their family. After the Islam message that handled by Prophet Mohammed, a number of enduring values of humanity are formed. He ordered the Muslims to deal the woman in a good manner and don't kill female kids. Moreover, He advocated to free the enslaved people and helped them to understand their rights.

Finally, he has a vision and mission to establish the new nation that carry the Islam message. He did a lot of efforts to teach Muslims how to deal with each other's and with other communities with different religious. He built a strong nation that sustained many centuries after his death. This nation provides a lot of achievements and values to the world. They constructed a strong army that can save this nation from any enemy. Moreover they publish the Islam in many regions such as North Africa, Asia and some countries in Europe.

In my view, I think that prophet Mohammed is one of the most important leader in the world. He taught us a lot of values in our life. He has a lot of contribution toward saving the humanity.

collegeseeker - / 2 1  
Oct 15, 2015   #2
Some improvements required. Like "religious" to " religion". " World leadership" to "world leader". " Islam means peace" only truncate "the".
OP MohannadElshawy 1 / 1  
Oct 15, 2015   #3
Thanks for your comments. I will consider it.

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