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Narrative Essay: "Mother's heart is infinite like the Pacific Ocean overflowing"

Hello, I have to hand in this essay tomorrow to my professor, I know this essay is kinda long but please help me to correct the mistakes if you feel free. Thank you so much

"Thank you for loving me!"

Vietnamese have a statement:

"Mother's heart is infinite like the Pacific Ocean overflowing"

Over centuries, motherhood is always the most sacred and noble sentiment. From a baby to an adult, mother is the person who is always beside to protect and take care of us. She teaches us how to behave in life; gives us love and always forgive all of our mistakes. She follows our steps; she is happy when we success as well as when we fail, she is the one who comforts and shares with us everything. She raises us up when we are down in mouth, gives us useful advices and is willing to sacrifice for our future. So have you ever wondered yourself why mother always loves us so much and never ask to respond? If I can answer for this question, I will say just because she is our mom.

I am a happy child when I was born and grew up in my mother's arms but I did never feel and treasure what my mother did for me. I live in a comfortable life and I always consider that my mother's love is of course thing what I must have like a natural law. My mother gives and I receive it without thinking. Until now, when I am living far away from my mother a half circle of the earth, I understand and know how much I love her.

My mother was born in a poor family. That time, my grandparents had eight children. To raise their children, my grandparents had to work very hard. My mother was the second daughter so after school she had to help my grandmother do her housework and she also worked hard to earn money for her studying. Unlike her friends in the same her ages, she had a very hard childhood. Although she had a difficult life, but those things never made her discouraged. She had never thought about quitting her studying. She told me that going to school was always her passion. She was not only a beautiful girl but also an intelligent student at that time. She told me that because she didn't have good condition like her friends so she tried her best to achieve her dream. She said she wanted to become a doctor because this job could bring the happiness to people and she could help a lot of people. She did tell me a lot of things about her childhood, what she experienced and how she spent her childhood in poor. She was always my grandfather's pride. She told me that she couldn't forget how my grandfather was so happy when his daughter became a doctor. Parents are always happy when they see their children success. Through her life story she taught me lessons about life. She always wanted to give me all her enthusiasm with expectation that I would do well as she did. I am her only daughter, also her great hopefulness. She ever said to me, "You must study hard because just only knowledge will help you not only become a good person but also have a comfortable life afterward!" At that time, I didn't see anything useful from those words. Sometimes I felt those were so annoying. Right now when I am mature, I newly realize the lessons what my mother ever taught me are so meaningful.

From a baby to a teenage girl, I was used to having my mother beside to protect and take care of me. From small to big things, I always called my mother to solve it. Although she is a doctor, she still works very hard. Her day always turns around two words: family and working. I, her daughter, who live in her love, never know how hard she did to supply for my life. I even didn't know how to say thank you when my mother gave me something and I have never say sorry to her when I did a mistake. I was ever a bad child. I didn't know how many times I make her sad. I argued with her or was upset to her just because small things. I had to confess that I hated her. I did become a selfish and apathetic child. I remember once when my mother was sick, I even didn't know that. I got up so late and asked my mother to do breakfast for me. She scolded me because I was old enough to do it by myself but I didn't do it. I was so upset with her because she didn't take care of me as she did, that means she didn't love me. I thought I was not her daughter. I didn't talk to her for several days although I knew that I was wrong but my pride was so big that I couldn't say sorry to her until now.

Did you ever do anything that makes the people who always love you feel disappointed in you? I did. In my life, I did many things wrong but thing always made me regretful so much was to let my parents down. When I was seventeen years old, it was about time I had to face two important exams in my life: high school graduation exam and entrance university exam. In my country, the entrance university exam is the most important and difficult because it decides your future. While the time I was a senior, my mother was always the person who was beside to take care of me, support me. She gave me many advices to help me get over my hardship. "Sweetheart, you don't know how much I love you. Being parents, they all want their children happy and succeeded. When you have a child, you will understand mother's heart" Indeed, I haven't understood how great and deep my mother's love was for me. I chose a college out of my city, so my mother had to take me there for the entrance university exam. She was waiting me many hours in the heat of the summer before the exam location and prayed her daughter do it well. Yet my result was not good as I expected. I couldn't study in the college I wanted, so I had to choose another one. That time I was so self-confident that I couldn't believe I fail. Through my school years, I was always a good student. I studied in gifted schools, got high grades. I had no doubt that my parents were always proud of me. It was like when you were in a high place, suddenly you fail down a deep abyss. I felt so disappointed in me and bored of everything. I knew that I hadn't tried my best. I had been so self-confident that I had put all my mother's advices out of my head. I closed my door, stayed in my room and cried all day. Until now, when I remember, I see I was so selfish. That time, I just thought about myself. I didn't care about my parents' feelings, especially my mother who was always beside me. Her sadness and disappointment appeared on her eyes, I could see it. Her face seemed have more wrinkles, and she was older. Her beautiful and bright face disappeared, instead an austere face. She said to me," Honey, I know now you are very sad but that's just a first challenge in your life which you have to get over. The most important thing is you can learn from it and never repeat it again. Every time you fail down, you will be more mature and stronger. You can't just stay in your room and cried all day. Please don't pressurize me and your father. You don't know how much we worry about you!" I would not forget what my mother's words that day. I knew that no matter what I did, I was still her daughter. When I was so down in mouth, she was always the one who gives me a warm shoulder to lean on.

We will never feel the love of the mother when you have her beside. Just only when you got trouble or in a hardest situation, then you could recognize it clearly. My unforgettable memory about my mother is just last year when I got a serious sick and I need to undergo an operation. When she knew it, my mother cried a lot. I rarely saw her cry because she was always a strong woman but she did. She could cure a lot of children and bring happiness to their parents, but for me, she couldn't do anything. She didn't have enough calm to solve it. I got over the operation. Lying a hospital bed, my eyes couldn't see anything clearly because of anesthetic. I opened my eyes and closed it many times. In pain, the first words I said, "Mommy, I am hurt!" I just heard my mother's voice resounded from a far place, "It's ok, everything is over, honey!" She said and continuously cleaned the tears rolling in my face. It took me five days to recover. Through those days, she was very tired but she was staying beside me to take care of me. I have never felt her gentle and warmness from her like that. The first time in my life I felt I loved her so much and I was so grateful of her.

Until now, when she isn't beside to take care of me, I know that the time I was staying with my mother is so valuable. Although, she lives far away me, she never stops worrying for me. She said, "I am the one who gave you birth, so I will give you the best things I have!" She does work very hard for me. She wants me have a good education and a bright future. She said she didn't want to keep me in her arms, she wants me to get out of my shell and discover the world. She knows that I will face many difficult things in life without her beside, but she accepts to let me more mature.

Sometimes, I miss my mother so much, I wish I could have her beside to talk to me and hug me in her arms. I don't know when I have a child I can do well as my mother did for me or not, but I will never stop trying because of her love for me. She is always my most precise present I have in my life. I do like a saying of Stevie Wonder, "Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and forgiveness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love."

Thao Thanh Tran


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Oct 16, 2009   #2
You write very well! I just have a few ideas:

"Mother's heart is infinite like the Pacific Ocean overflowing"

Until now, when I am living a half circle of the earth away from my mother, I understand and know how much I love her. That was an idea I had to make the sentence less awkward. Also:

I don't know whether or not I can do as well when I have a child, but I will...

I think this essay will do very well, it elicits emotions and shows your intelligence.
Oct 17, 2009   #3
Dear EF_ Kevin,

Although I handed in the essay to my professor, your advice is very useful for me.

Thank you so much for spending your time and correcting the mistakes for me

Wish you the best



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