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The necessary need in our daily activities - The Internet Can Change People's Life

aniani 20 / 20 13  
Oct 6, 2015   #1
The internet is probably the most significant invention of the last 30 years. Without it, our lives would be completely different.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Nowadays, the using of internet are predicted that it will be the important creation over 30 years. Some people believe, if the internet has never created, a different life would occupy their lifetime. In this essay, I argue that I totally agree that the using of internet is changing our life and would be the necessary need in our daily activities.

A number of mankind, especially for the elderly, consider that internet has not changed their existence and also it is not an important thing for their daily necessities. Most of them are an "untech person", so they are lazy to learn about renewable technologies and how to use it. They do not care whether the internet exists or not. In additional, an aged people think that if they need something from internet, they will ask their children to help them. In result, the changing of life which causes by internet depends on their need and importance.

In other hand, several citizens say that without internet, people cannot do anything. In these day, the need of internet is very important for some individuals. Because internet can connect people to the others in every time. In the past, if employees want to send their document, they have to send their document by courier or post, but today they can use an e-mail easily to send their. They only have to have internet connection in their office or home. Then, for the students, they can access many journals and papers easily from another country or another college, so it evidence that internet can change individual's way of life.

To conclude, the effects of internet invention of human's life depend on the necessities in every individual. However, I would argue that internet may affect citizen's life because it can simplify the work of every worker and also can help students to search their lesson for many resources.

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