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It is necessary to understand the past because of the following reasons

sinahector 7 / 34  
Nov 19, 2016   #1
To commence, one of the compelling reasons that justifies the thesis is that our knowledge functions as a shield that protects us from physical or emotional harms. The prime source of knowledge accumulation is by being aware of our past. Practicing such manner would make it possible for us to be aware of the miscalculations performed in the past and stop doing the same. A simple example of it is that we all are aware that a hot food can cause serious damage to our mouth and digestion system. How do we know it? Merely by recalling our child hood experience that putting something hot in the mouth would hurt and burn our tongue.

Another equally important reason, if not more, is that knowing from the past creates a sense of belonging in a person. This sense is very crucial for a society to be prosperous. When members of a society are aware that they have a glorious past history, they won't perform criminal activities. This is very significant to reduce juvenile delinquencies which is an issue that all the nations around the world are struggling with it right now. A research conducted by the MIT University on twenty different nations revealed that the crime rate in societies that members are aware of their past history and have a sense of belonging is very small in comparison with nations that are not aware of their past. This vividly depicts that if we want a safe and sound society, it is imperative to give information about the past to our society members'.

Last but not least, it is also palpable to resolve our world differences and conflicts by becoming aware of the past. For instance, when we study about Africa history, we can clearly understand that they were one united and peaceful nation, unlike now. So, if they had amicable and congenial relation in the past, it is possible to have it right now as well.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,613 2511  
Nov 19, 2016   #2
Hector, I am really sad that you did not deem it important enough to post the actual prompt above your essay. That prompt is really required so that we can give you a fair and balanced review of the strong and weak points of your essay. Right now, I am just going by what you have written and I will just assume that you are writing exactly what the prompt requires you to present. Please post the prompt when you can so that I can adjust my advice accordingly. Here we go.

As I previously mentioned to you in a separate thread, you need to practice the correct formatting using the enter key. Please make sure that you do that with your succeeding essays. That said, I have to tell you that, grammar mistakes aside, I am quite impressed with the content of your explanation. It is logical and easily understood by the reader. The way that you present your evidence can be considered to be well informed since it is based upon common known facts about the need to understand the history of a person. The clear information you present is only marred by the formatting problem and the need to create slightly more complex sentences. The discussion you have presented is a bit simple and the sentences are using slightly complex formations which, depending upon the prompt requirements, could actually land you a passing to high score in the test.

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