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What are some negative effects of spending too much time on facebook

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Sep 24, 2020   #1

too much of Facebook is affecting you

Nowadays, people have many methods and means to connect with each other. In particular, Facebook is a social networking site that a lot of people use. This has been seen in some studies, more than 70% of internet user in Vietnam use facebook, so it causes some negative effects to anyone who use Facebook too much. There us no justification for using Facebook too much to bring a lot of negative effects on users including health, relationships, psychology and emotions.

The negative effect of using too much facebook is effecting your health.
Firstly, using Facebook for a long time will directly affect your vision. The blue light of the phone or computer when we are exposed to it for too long to surf facebook will make our eyesight decrease. Secondly, when people spend too much time surfing Facebook, their sleep time will be less, making their body feel tired and cause other diseases. Actually, using facebook has very direct effects on people's health.

The negative effect of using too much facebook is effecting your relationship.
Firstly, using the social network Facebook can reduce interaction between people. Interaction between people in the present era is significantly reduced, when people sit next to each other, but do not talk to each other in words, make eye contact, but exchange information through Facebook. We can make friends with so many friends online but we are ignoring the real relationships, the real feelings people give to us. Along with that, communication and behavior skills are also gradually lost. Second, because Facebook is a virtual social network, many people hide themselves, live differently, gradually lose the right to communicate with those around them, where people can directly make friends and chat with real people. people are immersed in the virtual world, they become inferior to themselves in real life. As a result, close relationships stretch, space for friends is gone, they live in isolation in front of a phone or computer screen.

The negative effect of using too much facebook is effecting your psychology. Facebook is a miniature society. There are also a lot of good people, bad guys. There are many unhealthy images, pages with bad content, causing psychological shock, thinking of young people, receiving bad and false information, leading to misperceptions. In addition, the influence of "netizens" through facebook is huge. Just one click of impolite likes, shares or comments also makes you mentally affected. It is that killing many people, depriving others of many things just to satisfy themselves. The more you use Facebook, the more negative you feel, even leading to depression. The result of that is to leave regrets, loss both physically and mentally.

The negative effect of using too much Facebook is effecting your emotions. The serious consequence of using Facebook too much is turning people into emotionless people. When not interested in everything around, they only pay attention to the amount of likes and shares on social networks. In an accident, one person was injured, instead of helping, many people took their cameras to take photos, film and post them on their personal pages to attract followers or "Keyboard Heroes" who are willing to rush to judge, criticize about any individual, any event even though they do not understand all. Perhaps we are all too familiar with information about emotionless lives on Facebook.

To sum up , using Facebook has huge consequences in terms of health, relationships, psychology and emotions.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,051 4255  
Sep 24, 2020   #2
you listed this piece of writing under Essays but failed to identify if this is for a Task 2 essay, a research essay or what. The topic you have chosen to use for this writing is quite broad. Without the clarity of the type of essay that you are writing, it is really difficult for me to properly assess your work. If this is for a task 2 essay, then you overwrote for a 20 minute task. You cannot write a 572 word paper within 40 minutes, using researched information. Mostly because you won't have internet access at the testing center. If you wrote this for a research paper, then you wrote just enough words, but failed to note several errors that exist in your essay for correction.

As a research paper, you have properly introduced information, but failed to properly develop each discussion point as a sub-section of an overall research presentation. You lack sub-headings to identify the sub-sections of your writing. The almost combined presentation creates confusion for the reader as there is no separation between topics through the use of proper transition paragraphs.

These are the early observations I have of this writing. Like I said, without knowing what type of paper you are trying to present, I can't really go any deeper into the review. I can only do an early critique of your paper based on assumptions created by the errors in your presentation.

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