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IELTS (a new shopping complex task, Auckland, New Zealand opinion)

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THe tables and pie chart show in percentage terms the results of a survey of a new shopping complex in Aukland, NEw Zealand.
The tables and pie chart provide an overview of people's opinion in Auckland, New Zealand about the new shopping complex.
It can be clearly seen from the table that most respondents were satisfied with shops. In particular, slightly more women felt satisfied with shops than their male counterparts, at 71% and 62% respectively. The equal percentage of people in both genders were unhappy with the shops, which was 20%. There were more men than women who did not comment on shops (18 percent and 9 percent).

By comparison, considering restaurants, the difference was significant for the percentage of men and women expressing their satisfaction, with 80% among male shoppers as opposed to only 62% among females. However, the figures for males who had the opposite comment were one fifth as many as those for females (5% as against 21%).

According to the pie chart, the majority of people approved of the design, with 62% indicating their approval, 17% being very satisfied, only 10% dissatisfied and 11% offering no comment.

Overall, the new shopping complex received positive rating from people about shops, restaurants and design.

The world has seen an enormous increase in flights for leisure, business and commercial purposes around the world over recent years.
What do you think are the main advantages and disadvantages of such flights?
Do you think flights should be taxed more?

Over the last decades, flying for holidays, business and commerce has become more popular than ever before. However, such flights bring to us not only benefits but also drawbacks. This essay will reflect upon these two opposite aspects and whether we should levy taxes on flights for these purposes.

Travelling by air for leisure purposes is a very practical means of transport, because it is feasible to travel over long distances. For example, if we intended to visit a tourist destination in the South East Asia while living in a Western country such as the US, then travelling by air would prove to be much quicker and more convenient than using ship transportation or train. Likewise, travelling by air promotes the development of commerce. In particular, It is straightforward to maintain the quality of fresh products like organic fruit or vegetables when delivered overseas. As a result, there will probably a wider variety of exported and imported goods. Therefore, travelling by air for this reason is obviously beneficial.

Nevertheless, using air travel still has its own drawback. Specifically, this will lead to increasing carbon production. If we do not restrict the use of airplanes for travelling and commercial purposes, they will release more and more exhaust fumes including carbon, the substance which causes global warming. As a result, the environment will be put in jeopardy, human as well as other creatures will suffer sooner or later.

In view of the potential threat of air travel, it is suggested that there should be an increase in tax on travelling by planes for these purposes . In addition, people should be encouraged to switch to travelling by train or eco-friendly means of transport instead. Holidays can be spent in somewhere closer to home to reduce the demand for flying. On the whole, people should only use airplanes as their last resort.

From analysis suggested above, it is concluded that travelling by air will only be helpful with a moderate frequency. Otherwise, air travel will turn out to be a environmental problem in the future.

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