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New student enrollment in Top Australian university and their applications majors

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Nov 12, 2021   #1

Popularity of different universities in Australia

Two graphs above show the number of freshmen enrolled at Australian Universities and the flood of applications to the major courses offered there in 1997,2002 and 2007

Overall, the number of students engaging in these above universities had significantly increased in each period except for Queensland School. The vast majority students entered in all these leading Australian University, especially Sydney's University had the highest proportion of participants staying at approximately 15000 members in 2007 . It's nearly twice as much as 1997's level. In 2007 , the quantity of students attending Australian National University is the second highest rate , followed by the university of Melbourne and Queenland in the 2007 period respectively .As soon as choosing their desired university, Pupils continued choose their favourite majors. Most students registered engineering and business courses, whereas history's one had the least number of applications. Due to the fact that global economy is developing day by day , so engineering and business courses are the popular Majors for everyone. History is probably boring for students , so there are very few students electing.

In conclusion, most pupils were encouraged to study at these leading Australian university and choose trending majors. Bar charts show by increase in the of new enrollment of university of Sydney and Australian Nation university. In addition, engineering and business remained referred courses at the top universities in Australian.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,289 3984  
Nov 13, 2021   #2
Two graphs above

You did not upload an image. The reader is also assumed to not have access to the image. The sentence structure is off. It makes incorrect references to a location ( should not be included) and there is no clear image identification with regards to the graph type.

the flood of applications

Exaggerations have no place in a task 1 essay, specially in the summary overview or trending statement. Simple and clearly related information statements are best for this sort of presentation. By the way, you are missing a period at the end of the sentence. The paragraph is an incomplete presentation. Also missing is an acceptable trending sentence/ statement/ paragraph. The first half of the task will fail to recieve a passing score.

In conclusion,

A task 1 essay is a report without an opinion presentation. It does not need a conclusion.

Basically this is a very bad attempt at Task 1 essay writing. You may want to read more samples and learn from them before you write another exercise for the task.
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Nov 15, 2021   #3
Thank you very much

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