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The nitrogen oxide produced by 4 types of transports

DanielDang 5 / 8  
Nov 19, 2022   #1

nitrogen oxide emission

The given line chart provided comparison of the amount of nitrogen oxide released by diesel car, petrol car, lorries and buses. From an overall perspective, it is evident that buses and lorries are more pollutant than two remained cars. While diesel car and petrol car dispose the same amount of emission as the speed increase, the figure for buses and lorries fluctuate mildly.

At the slowest level of pace, buses account for the highest amount of nitrogen oxide gas produced, at precisely 40 gam per kilometer. By contrast, lorries release nearly 33 gam per kilometer, which is slightly lower than buses but still much higher than other vehicles. The figure for diesel car and petrol car stands at approximately 7 g/k and 12g/k, respectively.

With the speed increases from 10 to 130 kph, the nitrogen oxide waste of buses experiences an oscillation, with the amount of emission decreases to 22 g/k at 60 kph before goes up to 45 g/k at the maximum speed. Similarly, lorries saw a steadily fall in the emission when the speed increase to 90 kph, but bucks the trend with 7 g/k rise at 130 kmh. While the amount of diesel car emission slightly fell by 2 g/k at the fastest pace, the figure for petrol car witnesses a small increase to 13 g/k

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Nov 20, 2022   #2
Never forget to analyze the timeline provided in the image. There is always a clue as to whether this is a continuing process / measurement, previously completed task, or past measurement consideration. In this case, where no dates or years are mentioned, it is safe to use the present tense reference seeing as how these could be considered a continuing or ongoing task. This is a slight GRA inaccuracy and a partial C+C misanalysis on the part of the writer. He chose to use the incorrect time reference this time.

There will be LR deductions in addition to increase GRA deductions due to lack of clarity in a sentence. When he wrote:

slowest level of pace

he neglected to double check the meaning of the words level and pace. These are 2 different measurement references that cannot be used together due to the different measurement basis:

level - having no part higher than another; having a flat or even surface.

pace - a rate of activity, progress, growth, performance

Therefore the reference should be "slowest pace" since it refers to the speed of the line graph presentation.

Most of the problems the writer has are in reference to word usage, sentence structure, and how these relate to the clarity of the presentation. He must work on improving these areas next time.

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