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Nothing can be done to prevent crime. To which extent do you agree or not?

WangYu0611 1 / -  
Aug 13, 2022   #1

Nothing can be done to prevent crime. To which extent do you agree or not?

Unquestionably, crime has always constituted an acute deterrent to nations' development and security worldwide, which from certain perspectives, are by no means able to be impeded. As far as I concerned, infractions prevention is within our grasp if various methods are executed, such as enhancement of overall living environment of societies and incarceration process.

First of all, the quality of living environment plays a determining role in crime rate of a community. As opposed to those who attain high standard of living, citizens residing in poverty-stricken areas would run a much higher risk of unemployment, poor health care, discrimination and so on. Should sufficient allocation of funds be factored in, people would not turn to illegal activities at the expense of making ends meet. Such investment would not only bring about stabilization of the crime rate in a particular area, but also create equal opportunities for people to obtain, hence improving the overall prosperity and sustainability of a society.

Secondly, authorities should take rehabilitation as a priority over stringent punishments. To illustrate, the vicious cycle of recidivism is a pressing issue for that retribution would constitute a contributor to lawbreakers' tendency of violence rather than expected remorse for their wrongdoings. Above all, the practice of vocational training and life skills education would act as a precursor to offenders' reintegration as they are no longer have to commit crimes to make a living. Moreover, sympathy should be raised towards citizens who used to be inmates, otherwise isolation and discrimination would act as a potential catalyst for repeat offences.

In conclusion, the prevention of law violation is a tough process for societies to go through, but still an attainable goal if proper measures like transformation of the overall living environment and reformation be carried out.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,210 4317  
Aug 14, 2022   #2
Do not immediately discuss the essay topic in the first paragraph. That is an automatic failing score since the scoring foundation, based on the restatement and writer's opinion presentation, were not properly established. It is important to never certify any aspect of a point of view as being unequestionable since the task 2 essay is always based on a written debate format. Never forget either, that in an extent essay, the writer is required to provide his opinion based upon an emotional or degree of (non) support response. These qualifications were not met by the opening paragraph and therefore, could result in an automatic failing preliminary score for the essay.

The discussion approach of the writer is well executed. He provides a single opinion support discussion as required and offers strong examples to support his explanation. Although these were done well. the problems with the prompt restatement + writer's opinion and the reverse paraphrase for the concluding summary are what may limit the scoring potential of this discussion presentation.

While there are some mistakes in sentence structure and punctuation usage, the scores are mostly based on the logical thinking and ability of the test taker to explain himself in English. Mistakes in punctuation usage and sentence structures (when not confusing to the reader) can be overlooked to a small degree so as not to affect the final score of the examinee.

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