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The number of hours, which women and men spend doing different, unpaid works

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Sep 13, 2021   #1

The diagram below shows the average hours of unpaid work per week done by people in different categories.

(Unpaid work refers to such activities as childcare in the home, housework and gardening.)

The bar chart illustrates how many hours married women and men work household choices a week followed by each family structures.
Broadly, it can be seen that the number of hours which women do without paying is higher a lot compared to men in the marriage.

Looking at the graph in more detail, it is clear that there is a little differential hour between females and males (30 hours and around 19 hours per week) when they do not have children. However, when spouses have children in 1-2 age groups, the hours of working household by women significantly increased to over 50 hours a week due to childcare responsibilities while unpaid work hours of men slightly decreased by about an hour/ week. The women have a number of household working hours double times in relation to men with over 3 aged children ( about 55 hours and 15 hours a week respectively).

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Sep 15, 2021   #2
followed by each family structures

Add another sentence that enumerates the structures. Complete the short form details presentation.

married women and men

Go alphabetical. Men before women as per the English alphabet. It has nothing to do with the image positioning since this is just the trending information.

which women do without paying

Do what without pay? The sentence structure is incorrect. This sentence says women do not pay for something instead of women not being paid for work. This is the type of sentence that recieves a low C + C and G R A score.

per week

Use the word "respectively" in these types of presentations to point out where or to whom the information applies.

All task 1 essays require a 3 paragraph presentation. This is short by 1 paragraph. Further analysis of the image is required. There should have been an individual gender analysis prior to the combined gender study.
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Sep 17, 2021   #3
Thanks for your advice

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