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The number of house husbands has been increasing while some mothers are becoming the breadwinners

Red Moon 14 / 32 6  
Oct 21, 2018   #1

house husbands and breadwinners

In recent years, the number of house husbands has been increasing dramatically while some mothers are becoming the breadwinners. There are some main reasons for this phenomenon, which I consider as a positive development for family roles.

Compared to the past, because of many social changes, more men and women swap traditional family roles. Gender equality gives females more opportunities to get access to advanced education and explore their full potential, which make them strong contenders in the job market. Mothers with high-profile jobs, which have better salaries than their husbands', decide to continue to climb the ladder of success while their husbands take on the role of a homemaker. Moreover, fathers who are home-base workers like painters, translators and designers can choose to stay home to work and look after their children at the same time.

Overall, this shift in cultural gender roles benefits husbands and wives' relationship and their children's development. When men and women swap roles, the male homemakers will come to understand the difficulties of managing a household, while the female breadwinners learn to deal with stress from and social problems. This will lead to better understanding between two partners, thus deepen their love and strengthen their relationship. Furthermore, while stay-at-home fathers have more time to interact with their children to understand their needs and foster self-assurance and self-discipline in them, mothers as breadwinners usually do not neglect their children and can communicate with them on a daily basic, which is crucial to child development.

In conclusion, owing to the enormous changes of modern society, househusbands become more common and this should be seen as progress.

vietduccan 10 / 19 7  
Oct 22, 2018   #2
Hi, in your first paragraph, I cannot understand what is your main point. It seems to me that you tried to use a lot of advanced words in order to impress examiners. In IELTS, you do not really need to add as much as you can the advanced words to get high score. The main difference between good sample and terrible sample is how a candidate organizes ideas logically. In your essay, I feel that there is no connection between ideas. In Task Response criteria, your band score would be very low as you did not show any relevant dicussion to the topic, which I could predict from your introduction.

P/S Remember to write the topic before posting threads.

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