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Writing Task 1 : The number of new graduates and their employment in the UK from 1992 to 2002.

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May 13, 2019   #1

UK students statistics - the chart and graph

The graph and the chart give information about the number of new graduates and their employment in the UK from 1992 to 2002.

The chart compares te percentages of UK students graduating wit third occupation between 1992 and 2002.
Overall , It is clear that the graduates figure of British students in the first five years before declining in the later five years of period . Professional fields was chosen by most students after graduated.

In the line graph. The rate shows about 165 thousand students graduates from university in 1992. There was a dramatic rise in the rate to 30 thousand after five years .Then, this rate declined to 180 thousand at the end of this period.

Regarding employment chart, the professional data was the highest, just under 60% which students graduates worked in and declined by 5% each five years period. The same trend was repeated in the figure for management and administration, despite its figure was only equal to a third. In contrast, despite a rise, the percentages of students working as clerks and secretaries, sales and others were trivial, ranging from about 5% to 8% only.

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May 13, 2019   #2
Watch out for the forms of your words. Ensure that you always use the appropriate ones. Doing this will help your essay tremendously when it comes to looking more put-together.

In addition to this, try to use more relevant transition words as you are writing. This will help your essay become more fluid.

You should try to have more clarity in your writing while still exploring options you have available. Becoming more innovative in your writing goes a long way. What this means is omitting words that are becoming repetitive - and instead opting to use words are quite close to their meaning.

Let's revise a few portions of your essay.

Both the graph and the chart display information about the state of employment of new graduates from 1992 to 2002 in the UK.

The chart compares the percentages of students graduating with a third occupation within the period. While it is clear that there is a decline over the years, professional fields are preferred.

The line graph shows the rate of student graduates in 1992. The graph witnessed a spike after half a decade before experiencing a decline of 180 000 at the end of the period.


Watch out for the techniques used - and always try to use formal language. Best of luck!

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