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A number of people opine that historical events do not play any roles in our society

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Oct 12, 2021   #1
Some people think history has nothing or little to tell us, but others think that studying the past history can help us better understand the present.

Discuss the two views and give your own opinion.

A number of people opine that historical events do not play any roles in our society. However, a group of people has an opinion that learning history is necessary to understand our present days. In this essay, I will discuss both views and give my own opinion.

On the one hand, many people believe that influences of historical knowledge are valueless in our modernized world because future and present seem more important. Past events already happened and humans cannot change anything, as a result they choose to focus on the futuristic goals. It can be seen that present and future are more crucial compared to the past. Moreover, it is historical understanding that cannot be the only approach to comprehend the current days. People can learn about each other and daily activity by observation and communication then come up with conclusion on the issue that they concern.

On the other hand, in spite of the occurrence in the bygone time, in the main, history can be a good means of raising people's understanding of the current days. When Vietnamese residents are taught about what happened long time ago, they know reasons behind some specific habits of regional inhabitants in their nation. People from the North are more feudalistic and those from the South behave more hospitable. All types of understanding can be traced back thanks to the nexus between the past and present. The North had been conquered by the Chinese years ago and had a deep-rooted virtue about feudalism while people in the South of Vietnam have been introduced with diversity of cultures from European, Chinese and others. History has had noticeable impacts on every aspect of life nowadays in term of not only socio-economic cultural development also technology, military and more, invoking a deep comprehension about our ancient age.

To conclude, although it is not so obvious that we can be conscious about our current time after being educated about history, I still believe that knowledge about the past can help us survive in this industrial age.

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