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The number of student's accommodations (WT 1)

Fadhilahumar91 61 / 73 6  
Oct 28, 2016   #1
The graph provide a breakdown about the number of student's accommodations which calculate on the percentage as per the four different types between 1960 and 2000. The most significant fact to emerge is that room in share house or flat with other students and paying guest with a host family were the favorite accommodation in the initial year. However, in 40 years onward the first figure increase rapidly in the proportion of student's housing and another showed a plummeted immediately.

At the beginning, most of students chose sharing housing and paying guest is the best type accommodation which show the equal number at 35% while other figures such student hall of residence and stay at home with own family launched by the same number at 15%. Even though, in the following 40 years, both of them presented a significant changes, while sharing housing increased sharply and reached a peak at 70%, the number of students who chose paying guest with a house family fell intentionally by 65%.
SarlindaDS_27 42 / 52 5  
Nov 1, 2016   #2
Hello @Fadhilahumar91 here are my corrections for you :)

The graph provideS a breakdown about the ...

... most of students chosesharing=> to share housing and paying (...) which showS the equal number (...), both of them presented a=> (unneccesary article 'a')significant changes, (...) of students who chose paying=>to pay guest with a house ...

Good Luck :)
TANJIN 7 / 6  
Nov 2, 2016   #3
Hello @Fadhilahumar91

I read ur writing . There are some correction that is checked by others already . overall this good writing .

pls check my writing . I m going to attend IELTS next month . so my correction is urgent

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