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Numerous criminals have been seen to re-offend. Give causes and solutions.

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Oct 8, 2020   #1

Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment.

In recent years, after being released from jails, numerous criminals have been seen to re-offend. This issue results from both subjective and objective reasons. This essay will mention the causes and recommend some solutions to resolve this matter.

Lawbreakers commit crime again for a number of reasons. From the objective perspective, it is indisputable that people with criminal record often have difficulties in adapting to the life outside prison. This is partly because after being imprisoned for such a long time, they become conditioned to the life behind the bars. Furthermore, it is the prejudice and the concern of the society that cannot easily accept these offenders. Some people will look down on these prisoners or others may have a fear that those having criminal record can re-offend anytime. As a result, many people have to struggle to find paid-jobs after gaining freedom outside the jail. They may resort to crime such as bootlegging or robbery as a way of making a living. From the subjective perspective, in some cases, criminal behavior is a mindset. Regardless of being influenced by witnessing violence from a young age or being born naturally, it is challenging to change these immoral behaviors. For that reason, the likelihood of re-offending in the criminals who have aggressive mindset is ominous.

Many measures have been given to resolve this problem. First of all, it is the responsibility of the government to launch training programs in prison to help lawbreaker distinguish between right and wrong and develop new skills. Additionally, ex-convicts should receive counseling before re-entering society. This will aid them to get an overview of the life outside the world. Secondly, with the assistance of rehabititaion, prisoners can avoid anti-social behaviors and make right choices to their lives.

In conclusion, there have been two main factors that lead to the re-offence of some criminal. Both authorities and offenders themselves have to take concerted effort in addressing this problem for the sake of their society.
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Oct 9, 2020   #2
Your second paragraph is too long. You should only write within the 275-290 word parameter. You have written 327 words, but failed to properly review and revise your content. So you ended up with 10 uncorrected errors in the essay representing: spelling, grammar, along with C&C issues. These errors are detrimental to your final score because each error that you make will result in a deduction for every scoring consideration. I cannot stress the importance of reviewing and revising your essay. If you do not do that, you end up with several deductions, which can actually make you fail the test. Always remember to review and correct your essay. The less errors, the higher your score.

You have not properly responded to the required information from the prompt. Direct topic responses would have been better for your TA score than this extremely long, but unedited essay presentation. Try to use topic sentences at the start of the reasoning paragraphs as well. It helps direct the content of your paragraph and helps the examiner anticipate your discussion thoughts. Then thresh out the supporting reasons within 4 sentences. Do not overwrite. It never helps a student get a better score in the Task 2 presentation.

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