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Numerous features contribute to production of a movie and among them some plays the key role

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Apr 2, 2016   #1
In your opinion what factors contribute to a good movie?
feel welcomed to comment and making any suggestions. Thanks.

Numerous features contribute to production of a movie and among them some plays key role to make it a successful one. In this essay we will look at the most principal elements of a good movie.

First of all a movie is shaped based on a story. Story or what it is called in movie production, plot, provides a structure on which other elements are arranged. As a famous director once said if you give a fantastic story to a bad director the result will be an ordinary movie, but even the most skilled director cannot turn a bad story to a good movie; just a miserable one. Classically plot is formed of the obstacles the main character encounters and endeavors he or she makes to find a resolution usually simultaneously gaining spiritual development too. In this way audience empathize with the character and consequently follow the story to the climax and discovering the fate of the hero.

Modern movies may follow a different pattern. However, even the most absurd movies should talk about their own era's issues to capture the imagination of the audience.

Second most important feature a good movie should benefit from is a creative director. Director is the one who decides how to utilize different elements, arrange sequences and frames to narrate the story in specific way. The director possesses managing skills to govern a wide range crew members and to compel them to do their responsibilities at the arranged time.

An inappropriate or uncreative director spoils considered budget for production of a movie and fails the expectations of audience with an unsatisfactory inartistic result.
The selection of actors and actresses is the third most important decision to be made to hand a memorable outcome.
Only talented and gifted actors and actresses are capable of making a character believable and win the empathy of the audience.
Unnecessary to mention, attractive celebrities have an excessive role to succeed a movie in box-office. Nonetheless, history of film production has been witnessed countless examples of unvalued movies, which benefited the presence of the most eye-catching celebrities.

According to the elements mentioned, the success of a movie depends to key features such as valuable story, bright director and keen actors. However, in some genres such as historical movies elements including costume design can turn the result to grand and significant production. In addition, outstanding example comes to mind while considering the role of technology to make a movie prosperous. the most recent example is Mad Max movie or terrific examples in animation production.

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Apr 3, 2016   #2
Pardon me, it is my suggestion paraphrase in the second paragraph, I hope this suggestion can help you for the best result in your task

In the second part, the good movie will be better by the creative director. Subsequently, it has the different material include arrange sequences and frames to narrate the story in a specific way as the director authority. After that, the director can manage the whole skill of crew members to compel them with their responsibilities at the arranged time.

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