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Nutrition Education in Primary Schools

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Jul 21, 2021   #1

learning about nutrition early

Many people believe that it is too soon for children to learn about nutrition. Personally, I believe that primary schools should teach nutrition education to their students. This is because learning about nutrition in the right way is important for children and school is the best effective place to do it.

To begin with, precise knowledge about nutrition education is essential for children. By learning about this topic from the nutritionist in school, students can access correct knowledge about healthy food choices. Gaining accurate knowledge about these early on is important because it can influence students ' lifelong well-being. In fact, a recent survey has shown that there are many people following false health tips on the internet. Therefore, people who do this tend to develop unhealthy habits based on these inaccurate sources of information. Expanding nutrition education will ensure that younger generations do not rely on incorrect information.

On top of that, learning about healthy eating habits in school can be very effective. Children are influenced easily by their classmates. They generally look at members of their peer group and follow their lead. With regard to nutrition, seeing their friends eat can motivate students to establish healthy eating habits. For example, if a child eats vegetables at school, the others in his or her class are more likely to try them. These students may give them a chance even if they normally dislike vegetables.

To sum it, children should be taught correctly about nutrition from an early age, and the best place to find out eating habits is in school. For these reasons, I believe that primary schools should be taught children about nutrition education
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Jul 22, 2021   #2
The author forgot to provide the original prompt for reference purposes. The topic provided is not the commonly used prompt for the topic so I need a reference point for it. That said, I will try to provide an appropriate review for this work. Be reminded that no actual prompt is provided soa response appropriate review cannot be provided.

The first reasoning paragraph sentence is redundant. The writer need not constantly remind the reader about the topic. Providing a topic response sentence would have been a better way to open the paragraph discussion as it would have provided a clean reference to the paragraph content. As for the expanded discussion, the writer should have avoided a reference to "a recent survey" as this does not fall under the personal knowledge personal experience, or publicly known information. It should have been framed differently, based on specified information sources, to meet the criteria.

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