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The obesity is been considered an issue nowadays. It impacts the human health in many ways.

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Dec 3, 2018   #1

Obesity Is A Serious Danger

Obesity is known as a health issue that impacts the individual in a negative way. The definition of obesity is when the human body contains an abnormal quantity of body fats in an amount that is more than it is required. For example, a human body with 5.10 feet height weights as 280 pounds, that unbalance of mass impact the human health in many ways. Just like any other health issues obesity have a negative side effect on the individuals, there are many diseases can occur for the people that suffer from obesity such as heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, etc. Many studies show that there is a high prevalence of teenagers suffers from obesity in the U.S. According to the AHS, there are over 13 million children among 2-19 years of old are obese. Approximately, one of four of every child in the U.S suffers from overweight. Shockingly more than a third of U.S adults are obese (ACCAP). Based on these Statsicts we can assume that the future of the U.S society in danger. Our next generation in serious health danger where many diseases can occur to them such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, and certain types of cancer as well as cholesterol issues. What would cause obesity in children or the population in general? Why would children be affected by a condition that is associated with the people that are rich or people that are old? The most common cause attributed to child obesity is an imbalance between calorie intake and how the body uses them. The current society has shifted to depending on foods that have a high energy content such as sugar and fats, and reducing vitamins and micronutrients consumed. There is also a reduced physical activity due to the change of lifestyle majorly on the mode of transport which has shifted to vehicle transport rather than walking or riding a bicycle. Also attributed to obesity is urbanization, whereby most people are moving from rural areas to urban areas for settlement.

Many experts discuss the issue of obesity as genetic issues. Certain studies show that 25-40% of BMI genes are inheritable. Those types of genes can be directly passed from the parents to their offspring. Certain disease such as Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome been proven that can be directly passed from parents to offspring. In addition, some health experts discover that obesity is one of the inheritable diseases that is probability ranging from 2-8 in the family tree. however, environmental factors besides the genetic once play important role in synergy affected body weight. The environmental factors have an impact in many cases of child obesity in a percentage of over 20%. In conclusion, we can assume that genetic inheritance is associated with childhood obesity; however, it is not the major cause. Environmental factors are also another cause of childhood obesity.

The environment that surrounds the children and youth people have a huge influence on their physical activity. For example, children spend most of their day in the school during regular days. So school plays a major role in the children to gain the healthy lifestyle that they need in which includes the involvement of required physical activities and the motivation to consume appropriate food components. In addition, at home time, parents can play a major role in what type of lifestyle they require to their children to live in. The addition of children, as well as youths to technology, nowadays avoid them from having the physical activities that body need. Communities are also responsible for the obesity issue that our society suffers from; unfrotautely, many communities do not have access to healthy foods which mostly will lead to the growth of obesity. The individual's behaving and their diet also highly impact the risk of them from suffering from obesity. For example, if kids consume foods with high sugar and calorie content they promote the chance of obesity. In addition, lack of practicing physical activity leads to gain weight for the individual. According to certain studies show that lack of physical activity leads to the accumulation of fatty acids in the body. In a way to avoid that fat accumulation in the body, people need to exercise at least twice a week. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), In the modern society, children spend a long time in the technology devices whether playing videos games, watching youtube videos, browsing in social media, enjoying these creations with high-calorie snacks as well as sweet drinks. Those factors play a major role in the children gaining more than the weight they need to. As well as it reduces the number of physical activities they suppose to be engaged with.

Besides the side effect of obesity for the individual that they have to experience during their life. There are many major diseases that can occur, sometimes it can be as risky as death. Our modern generation needs a major change in their lifestyle in order to gain a healthy future generation with fewer health issues. Based on the data, the percentage rate of obesity in children and youth keep on increasing in all type of countries whether they considered developed or not one. The real question that should occur is why the communities are not taking this issue seriously! are they familiar with its effect on our society? We can classify the effects of childhood obesity as health consequences and psychological health issues. Alongside this bracket; in addition, many factors that lie in other class of unknown results but are worth the significance that they should not be overlooked.

In general, the most that can be deduced is the health-related issues. Those major factors affect the children in both ways whether during childhood or adulthood. Unfortunately, in some cases, very few children survive to maturity unless a change occurs of their lifestyle. In addition, there are many other health conditions that can occur to those children include cholesterol and high blood pressure that is implicated with the CVD(cardio-vascular-disease). Recent studies state that around 70% of children suffer from obesity have had one of the associated factors while 39% had two or more. Furthermore, Insulin resistance, glucose Intolerance, as well as two types of diabetes are all considered to part of the consequences. Some of the other health side effects of obesity in children are asthma, sleep apnea, breathing problems, alongside certain muscular and skeletal discomfort due to heavyweight. According to the studies, In a few cases, gastroesophageal, gallstones, and fatty liver disease are all associated with child obesity.

Psychologically, there is a daily suffering for children are overweight. According to healthychildren.org, based on their online article "The Emotional Toll of Obesity"; self-esteem, social stigma, depression, school bullying, emotional eating, are the most common psychological problems in child obesity. In society, overweight people are less likable and more willing to face bullying than the thinner. That type of stigma that many children have to face has a negative influence on their personality as well as their emotion. Lower self-esteem is a daily suffering for children who are overweight due to their feeling as outcasts. For example. a soccer team who have a heavy guy that might have a negative influence on the team quality and performance will lead his teammates to dislike him and considered him as a loss factor. That type of conditions when it occurs to children in early age will lead them to feel less likable in the society, leading them to a great depression. Other side effects that this condition leads is a emotional eating, which is when the child eat a large quantity of food in order to consolation to their problems. The same condition occurs for youth and adult people. In addition, overweight young women find difficulty during their searching for their marriage partner. Due to their negative feeling towards the society that considered them less attractive than others. Their mindset creates a negative image that they are unwanted as well as less likable than others, leading them to lower self-esteem as well as many types of depressions and anxiety.

One of the negative influence of obesity that is unrelated to a health issue is the economic impact. According to an article by England organization of health issues in 2007, show there plenty amount of Euros were used by people who suffer from obesity in treating and managing obesity. Furthermore, many individuals ignore their health issue conditions due to their ability to not affording the expenses. Unfortunately, the data shows that the numbers keep on increasing from year to another. In addition to the cost of treatment and management, a large amount of labor is required in order to get the job done, it is something beyond social care ability. According to the number of people who affected by obesity in the U.S, the government needs to create programs that help those people to maintain their healthy lifestyle. People who are directly associated with obesity suffer from economic issues; thereby, they need help to reduce the cost of their treatment and managing their problem in order for them to live a normal life.

Over the years obesity is been considered an issue for old people in the society. However, recent studies have proven that more and more children are affecting in society as the years go by. Which means that our next generations are in high danger if the society did not take actions towards solving this issue whether from health or economic perspective. The government should require activities that aimed to solve and treat the obesity issue in our society. In order to avoid obesity, certain objectives need to be achieved. First of all, the society with it all members need to address the issue as well as understand the concept of what it leads to, and its magnitude is established. The organization of health care needs to collect the data that show the numbers of children that are affected by obesity, and the various types of conditions. There should a major progress with full of an organization to educate people to treat their overweight issue. For example, many individuals might have the effort and desire to clear off their problem but they have a lack of organization manner as well as any standardized. The government needs to provide a standardized way of managing obesity for all types of ages. Considering ways to select to achieve the solution of treating and managing obesity in the less amount of time will clearly reduce the number of people who are suffering from it.

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Dec 4, 2018   #2
Leo, the way I see it, the strengths of your essay comes from three points. These are the sources of information, the type of information presented, and your understanding of the given topic. Please allow me to go into deeper detail regarding my choice of your strengths.

With regards to the type of information you presented, you really worked on presenting an informative overview for your essay, considering all the possible avenues for discussion, then presenting it in a manner that guides the reader to understand what the discussions shall be about. All the time, you avoided lecturing the reader and you did not sound like you were merely doing a cut and paste of existing information to thresh out your thesis statement.

The fact that you took the time to go into great detail about the background of obesity and even delved deeper into the various causes of the illness indicates that you enjoyed writing about this topic and that you threw yourself into the research to make sure that your research paper would deliver clear information and help the reader understand every aspect of the illness as presented in your paragraphs.

It was great that you showed an almost personal understanding of the topic. You used proper examples in the presentation, that could have been better developed, but it helped in the overall research presentation. This essay is very well researched and helps the reader understand more than just the superficial presentation of what obesity is all about. I believe you did a good job with this paper.

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