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How to obtain the practice license in Vietnam

DoMinhTam 1 / 1  
Sep 23, 2019   #1

How to obtain the practice license in Vietnam

Hello everyone, My name is Tam and I'm Legal assistant in the polyclinic chain. This is my first time to writing about my job and this topic I want to share my knowledge related " How to obtain the practice license in Vietnam".

Nowadays, the demand of connection about the examinitration and the treatment on the abroad are very popular in the developed countries and the developing countries. Therefore the legalization of practitioner 's certificates is necessary as well, Vietnam is a country have the medical regulations complexly and to obtain the practice certificate the foreigner practitioner must complete a lot of processes.

As usual, the foreigner worker must submit the documents to Ministry of Labour (The Public Committee in Vietnam) to get the confirmation letter and the work permit license before preparing work in Vietnam. Regarding practitioners as the doctors, besides getting the work permit license they must prepare the documents to submitting to obtaining the practice license. Composition of an application in practice license profile is required in Article 5 of Decree no. 109/2016/ND-CP dated July 01,2016 "On issuance of practice certificates to healthcare practitioners and operation licenses to healthcare facilities" such as: Application form to Ministry of Health, confirmation letter from Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) to accept for recruitment the Foreign employee, criminal record, copy of passport, copy of certificate of qualifications, certificate of clearance, ect. After gathering full package for the submitting, the practitioners prepare for next steps such as: legalization, notarization, translation as well. During for the legalization is longest because the foreign departments need a period to getting the confirmation from the other places especially the criminal record.

In point a, clause 1 Article 9 Decree 109/2016 ND-CP provides that: "The applicant for issuance of a practice license of cases specified in points a,b and c clause 1 Article 26 of the Law on examinitration and treatment shall send 01 set of application to the Ministry of Health". Therefore the foreign practitioners shall send their application to the Ministry of Health instead of the Department of Health as Vietnamese practitioners and this process could be return if there are any mistakes in their application. In order to minimize risks and save the time have a lot of healthcare facilities coordinated with the consulting company (or the agency) they have the experiences in this field. But in the beginning time you must have a coordinator to make sure the scope of works clearly. Normally, these mistakes of the application is related to the grammar and your application will able be unsatisfactory application and they will be returned within 05 days working days with the notification. Nobody want their application to be returned so these agencies are increasingly the best options for foreigner doctors or the healthcare facilities as well.

Finally, obtaining the practice license in Vietnam is not really hard but you and your healthcare facilities must be have minimum knowledge about the medical regulations in Vietnam and "the some relationship" as well.
Maria - / 1,098 389  
Sep 26, 2019   #2
Hey, welcome! I hope that this feedback becomes helpful to your writing. If it does, don't be afraid to come to me for more questions.

First and foremost, the first portion of the essay, while straightforward, is quite unclear about what it wants to relay to the readers. I recommend that you focus on sharpening your usage of specific words, especially if you want a more technical formatting for your essay.

The succeeding paragraphs appeared to be quite better in this regard. Because of this, I opt that you focus more on sharpening the general length of your writing. Notice that the second paragraph needs to be trimmed down more for you to have a more professional structure.

Remember that compliance to the fundamental structural formats is critical when you are writing. This will ultimately dictate the level of writing that you will accomplish by the end.

Best of luck!
OP DoMinhTam 1 / 1  
Sep 27, 2019   #3
Many thanks Maria,
I really appreciate your feedback, It's very clear and helpful,
And could you give me some recommend if I change the first portion of the essay as bellow:

"Vietnam is known a country with the medical regulations complexly and to obtain the practice certificate the foreigner practitioner must accomplish a lot of processes"

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