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Old buildings and nation's history; History in pages can fade out from our minds

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Nov 12, 2012   #1
I am preparing for IELTS can any one correct my essay and tell me how can i improve.thank you

Old buildings like monuments ,palaces, towers all these are our nations pride, which tell us a story of our nation its prosperity and its struggle, these structures could have been a reason for our existence of our nation .

It is known that every country has a history and structures representing it and the 7 wonders which we have are also historical old buildings, which have brought huge recognition to the country and made famous worldwide.

These old buildings attract many tourists from different parts of the world, eg: TAJ Mahal in India has made known all over the world, as it depicts the artistry and culture of India. In the same way all the other countries with their historical structures brings tourists and has become a source of revenue for the country.

These buildings are standing from hundreds of years and every generation has learned from it about our ancestors and culture. Schools and colleges take students to visit these places because it gives a practical learning experience of our history closely for eg : THE Great Wall of China was made to keep all the invaders away from china ,as no one could cross the wall ,this structure till today protects china.

And about the disadvantages of old buildings are undeniable, its rue that these historic structures has occupied more space, cause for lots of crowd and congestion, as Eiffel Tower in Paris is in the middle of the city where it blocks roads with its crowd and causes inconvenience to people travelling on daily basis.

Even though these are some disadvantages .In my opinion these buildings should be preserved as they are glory our nation whereas, proper measures can be taken to address these problems, old buildings can be used as offices and some can be converted as museums and auditoriums which will bring more tourists and good revenue which can be used for building houses and flyovers and so on to ease the peoples life.

History in pages can fade out from our minds but these structures keep the history alive for every generation.


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