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Old Friends VS. New Friends

Kasra1992 1 / -  
Sep 30, 2014   #1
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement "it is more important to keep your old friends than making new friends"?
When you see some people who have friends who they know more than ten or twenty years, you may wonder how they maintained their friendship through all these years or if it is the right thing to do? You may think you will do better in your life without worrying about your relationship with your old friends or you may believe life is not possible without your friends. Usually when i find the same questions in front of me, I am more thankful for all the old friends who stood by my side in all these years, because I personally believe life is more pleasant when you have some people who know you for a long time, and you can socialize with and talk about your problems with them.

First, when you have an old friend, there is a good chance that this person knows what kind a person you are, he or she probably understands your feelings, dreams and goals, therefore, this person would better be able to give a good consultation when you are having a serious problem, and he or she is probably would be support you in these kind of situations. For instance, I have a good friend, called Maziar, who was very supportive when he found out I wanted to apply to a university abroad, and because he knew me for a long time, he was able help in the process.

Furthermore, an old friend may be more willing to stand by you in the face of difficulties compared to a new friend. The reason for such statement is that, people tend to bind through time, this means that people are more attached as time goes by, this rule applies to any kind of relation including friendship, so it would be fairly reasonable for a person to have a higher expectation from an old friend than people who he or she got acquainted with more recently.

Last but not least, it is easier to trust a person who you know for a long time compared to people that you know for only few months or years. This simply because a person who you recently met has not yet proved his or her honesty and loyalty to you, and while socializing with such person has no harmful consequences trusting such person in serious situations may not be very prudent.

To sum up, I think that life is harder when you are alone, so I personally believe it is very essential to maintain a good relation with your old friends through time, and although making new friends is significantly important, having your old friends by your side is even more important, That is why many people try hard to keep their old friends while they socialize with new friends, because it is obvious that life wouldn't be easy without a person you know and trust for a long time.

I would really appreciate it if you make suggestions and revise this essay
i really new need to improve my writing score in TOEFL IBT

Ischa 1 / 3  
Sep 30, 2014   #2
old friends could make us become who we are today. but new frienda can make us become we are in the future
sahar_hmd1363 2 / 2 2  
Sep 30, 2014   #3
you may wonder how they have maintained their friendship
if it is the right thing to do? = if it is a right thing to do.
who have stood by my side
dreams and goals.Therefore, this person would better (PUNCTUATION)
he or she is (EMIT is) probably would be support
he was able to help me in the process.
The reason for such statement is that, (EMIT comma) people tend to bind
This is simply because
has not yet proved his or her honesty and loyalty to you, and while socializing with such person has no harmful consequences,(ADD comma) trusting such person in serious situations may not be very prudent. ( vague! when socializing with someone doesn't have harmful consequences, why trusting him isn't prudent?)

, That is why = . That's why ( dot not comma)

relation vs. relationship

Relations is used in more formal writing and tends to be used more of the interactions between countries or large groups of people ("relations between Iran and the U.S.," "relations between blacks and whites"). It is also used in constructions like "diplomatic relations" or "international relations." When relations is used of specific people, it is a very formal use that refers to the act of sexual intercourse. It is not correct to say, "I am in relations with him." For that, you would use the word relationship.

You had used "relation", so I think it's better to change it to relationship :)

Kasra, you did a good job, just focus more on grammar and punctuation. I hope you will be successful compatriot ;)

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