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Older leaders or young directors? IELTS TASK 2

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Nov 13, 2015   #1
TOPIC: Leaders and directors in an organisation are normally elder people.Some people think younger leader would be better.
Do you agree or disagree? would you mind scoring my essay?

The long-standing belief that leading position in a company is province of the older people. While I accept the idea that this may be suitable in some ways, I also believe that the young leaders are in better position to some extent.

On the one hand, the older people should be chosen to be leaders of a company due to their long time experience and great reputation. The first justification for why the older should be more suitable for higher positions in a company is their experience that will help them maintain stability of a company in contrast with the youth who possess less experience of leading hence easily to make mistakes. Furthermore, the elder possess great reputation which has strong effects on operating company. It is long thought that the senior managers can earn greater reputation than the youth and build company's public image easier. Consequently, having senior managers can help company do business more stably and easily. For instance, Rechard, a long-time director of a prestigious company, possess great image in public's mind and in the market, this helps his company mobilize capital easier in difficult time.

On the other hand, I hold a belief that the youth should be better in leading positions of a company. Firstly, the youth has great capacity of creativity, this is an overwhelming advantage helping them find out solutions for problems in a shorter period of time. According to a study released by Psychology Institution of Canada, the young leaders with their creativity show higher level of tackling problems than the old who possess less capacity of creativity. Another factor should be considered is that the young are more technologically-inclined than the old. There is no doubt that if leaders are better at technology, they are likely to work more effectively, and more importantly, they can keep company's information, security and private data in safe from other competitors.

In conclusion, It is true that the majority of people tend to choose the old for directors or leaders. Although I think that this may be beneficial to some extent, I also believe that the youth should be taken in serious consideration to be leaders owing to their overwhelming advantages.

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