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Older vs younger leaders, whom is better?

angga93 42 / 74 20  
Mar 27, 2016   #1
Most leaders or directors generally belong to an older age group, but some people believe that young leaders are better. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.

Experience is the best teacher. It is the main reason why I strongly believe that most successful leaders are the older people who have many experience in their life. However, there are many people who argue that young leaders are better because of their vision towards the future.

The skills of leadership are totally depends on how many times an individual have overcame the issues in their teams successfully. Old leaders' ability to tackle problems in the middle of their project have proven because only a good leader will survives on their position until they are old. Moreover, older people have more experience supervising many different type of their employees' personalities, so that they will more able to prevent and handle social conficts within the team. The old age also brings its own advantage because they will get more respect from younger employee due to moral reasons.

From another point of view, the opposites argue that young people are very potential to be a better leader. They state that younger people can see the future more precisely because most of them have grown in the modern era. They also master cutting-edge technology so that they can produce their work more easily, quickly and high quality. In all, it is also some reasons that make young people become considerably good leader. However, the leaders' job is making a reasonable decision by considering many aspect. This young group mostly lack of this experience, because they have not faced enough difficult situation in team work, especially regarding to their team's attitude.

To sum up, it is evident that older age group have more experiences in leadership so that they are a better leader than the youngsters. It is because the young is lack of experience in making decision, contrasting with their older counterparts. In my opinion, because young people can utilize advance technology well and have a better ability to seeing of the future, they will better be supervised by experienced older people.

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