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Once a person have vast ambitions, it is available to reach the goal which they are struggling for

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Oct 11, 2014   #1
Some people have great ambitions in life, others don't. Do you think ambition is important to succeed in life? Is it a positive or a negative quality to have?

Today some people have their lives with great ambitions, others don't. Human being may be greed if the embrace exceeded ambitions, by contract, it is beneficial if citizens process proper ambitions.

Once a person have enormous ambitions, it is available to reach the goal which they are struggling for, they must be passion, energetic, then they have more chances to get what they want. For instance, a man who are the only person to earn money for his family, a strong ambition is got by him, he has been fought for any opportunity to meet his aim of gaining the manager position. Eventually, he gets what he was admiring, that's because of his powerful ambitions. Therefore, ambitions has its positive side.

However, ambition also does harm to the individuals with a over ambition., It is necessary to got the ambition under control. For example, residence who are too crazy about accessing the approach of getting the particular score or a great amount of money, he will fail to control his greedy, then everthings are change, The purpose isn't the initial purpose.

In conclusion, I believe ambition is vital to be successful in life. A proper ambition do help us in the way of searching succeed, but remember it is dangerous when we ask for too much. Meanwhile, we will lost and forget the preference what we fought for in the beginning.

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Oct 11, 2014   #2
Yingzhi, I can tell that you are trying to express your thoughts in a very coherent manner. There are glimpses of it all throughout your essay. It just doesn't come across as clearly as it should. I'll try to revise your essay for you in such a way that I believe your sentiments will be clearer and better understood. Use it s a sample for your next essay or refer to it as you revise this one.

Today some people have their lives with great ambitions...

In my opinion, there are two types of people living in our world today, those who live their lives full of ambition and those who don't. Human nature seems to be driven by ambition. This makes the existence of ambition in a person a positive aspect of his personality. It makes him passionate, energetic, and driven to achieve in all aspects of his or her life. People who reach the pinnacles of their career and live what is perceived to be a good life (cars, money, luxury) are considered to have fulfilled their ambitions in life. Once personal happiness and contentment are achieved along with the luxuries that he has, then he has fulfilled all of his ambitions in life. This is the positive side of ambition and just like any positive side, there is also a negative side to it.

People can become overly ambitious in life. Unable to control their desire for bigger and better things in both their personal and professional lives. This type of ambition is not achievable because he will never find personal happiness and contentment. Thus creating a failure of ambition in them and ruining the meaning of the word in relation to them. So ambition in this situation becomes a negative trait. Therefore, the positive and negative attributes can be either positive or negative depending upon how a person uses his ambition to propel himself forward in life.
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Oct 14, 2014   #3
Firstly, i consider you have to dig deeper before creating new examples.
Secondly, your last sentence of your introduction must be like a small conclusion.

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