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If I had one hour to visit a famous person, I would say that person will be Genghis Khan

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Sep 25, 2014   #1
this topic is Q1 type of speaking section of TOEFL iBT.i must practicing 15 sec and speaking 45 sec.This is my answer I hope you are check it out for me.

if i had one hour to visit a famous person,i would say that person will be Genghis Khan for 2 reasons

first, i am so proud of him and i thought that i wanna become a like him.Because when i was child,all people-i know the best-have been talking about him then i asked from them "Who is Genghis Khan?" they respond me He is our hero and forefather.He have a special genius of leadership and so intellegence

second,his strategy of military was one of the most great strategy and so famous for all around of the world.This strategy had helped for him to conquer their enemies.

therefore,i would talk about his strategy and i would like to visit for Genghis Khan
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Sep 25, 2014   #2
You need better reasons than what you chose to state. If you had an hour to spend with that person, wouldn't you want to spend it getting to know the person? Asking them about important questions that you feel history books forgot to include in the telling of his saga? Perhaps you have some commonalities with Genghis Khan that you would like to develop in yourself. You did say that you once wanted to be like him right? So I think talking to him about his personality and how he thinks he developed into the person and historical figure that he became would help you get a clearer understanding of the person behind the myth.

Now about his military strategy, I understand that he was known as a brilliant strategist. How would discussing his strategy help you as a person? Or are you just a military aficionado who likes discussing wartime scenarios? Is there a particular battle of his that would become the focal point of your discussion with him? Why did you choose that battle in particular?

The questions I have provided for you to answer above will help you align your answers to the prompt and help explain why you would like to meet this person in particular. I hope that i was able to help you develop your answers. Good luck practicing your speech :-) I know you can do this ;-)

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