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IELTS task one: the locations choice of the new supermarket

kikiyiu 5 / 12 2  
Mar 30, 2018   #1

comparing two sites for a future supermarket

The map illustrates the potential places of the new supermarket which are S1 and S2.

Overall, both of the locations are next to the railway, but S2 is closer than S1.S1 is being in countryside while S2 is in the town centre area. The town centre is surrounded by houses and apartments, and part of the housing zone was built with industrial buildings. Countryside is stated outside of the town.

S1 is located in the middle of the highway and a main road which is going to Hindon. There are 10000 citizens living in Hindon.

S2 stay between the starting points of the main roads to Cranston and Brandon, but more near the road to Cranston. There is 25km distances to Cransdon from the beginning place, compared to Only 16km to Branson. The populations are 15000 and 29000 in Branson and Cransdon respectively.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,590 2493  
Mar 31, 2018   #2
Kiki, this essay will get an automatic failing score because you did not present the minimum 150 word requirement, The lack of word count immediately indicates a lack of proper discussion development in the essay and a lack of proper referencing and comparison discussions within the actual presentation. Just looking at the essay that you wrote in comparison to the illustration already shows me that you did not appropriately analyze and discuss the drawing in your presentation. You need to make sure that you always present the complete 4 paragraph format for the Task 1 essay with properly developed 3-5 sentence paragraphs. Otherwise, you risk failing the essay test on a technicality. You don't just present the information you see in the diagram, you need to explain its relevance to the topic and its connection with other discussion considerations based on the 2 drawings. You are not taking the exam seriously when you make such short presentations as you do here. Review the "Similar Topics" section at the bottom of your posting. Learn how others have discussed the same topic successfully. That way you can improve your own weaknesses and avoid making their mistakes in your future presentations.

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