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one can understand the society by studying major cities; rural and heritage area

dharu 1 / -  
Feb 3, 2013   #1
Issue: "To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities.

Studying Major Cities


The speaker asserts that to understand the characteristics of any society, one must study its major cities. However it possible to understand the characteristics of society by studying major cities, but not so much as one can by studying its rural areas in terms of heritage and culture of society. So I beg to differ with speaker. Because all major cities are well equipped with advanced technologies. And also different types of cultures are there. By studying rural area one can know the roots culture due to equal methodology of living.

Experience tell us that all major cities of any society are well equipped with advanced technologies. Life becomes easier as comparatively with rural area. For example, in major cities we can easily get pure water at house by advanced pumping stations and RO plants. So we cannot know the original or basic method to get water. But in rural area which are the roots of society, people were used to go far to river or any clear well on their own foot to get water. Other example is transportation. In major cities we are used to buses, own vehicles...etc. where in rural area we can find the bullock cart, camel cart, horse cart..Etc which are heritage for transportation.

Admittedly major cities have different cultures. And due to different cultures obviously there must be different languages, foods and dressing senses. Likewise all this characteristics we can also find others, in short different types of living methodology. For example, in New York we can find people belonging from different societies. We can find Christian, Rome, Hindu, Buddha, Muslim and also others likewise all these. If one need to understand Hinduism then he need to come India. He cannot understand very well from New York. In India, if you go to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and so more, you will find out peoples from different society. If we take Mumbai then in Mumbai we can find Guajarati, south-Indian, Bengali peoples. But in countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, we can easily study their society by major cities. For instance in whole Saudi Arabia outside of home women are allowed to wear veil only. So this the one heritage culture of their. In major cities we find it everywhere.

Moreover in rural areas you can find only one type of society. So one can understand it very well due to an equality in their foods, language, culture, rules, restrictions, festivals, fairs..etc. for Muslims' we cannot understand their society by major cities like new York and Mumbai. But if we got to the rural area of Saudi countries', then definitely we can. For instance, in south-Indian people are used to eat food in banana leaves instead of plate. But in major cities they became modern and are use plate. There is also disparity in foods' types and language.

Finally in sum, one can understand the society by studying major cities, but not as deeply and better by rural and heritage areas. Here speaker's assertion is agreeable in some exceptions, but not in all cases. we can know their living methodology but not their heritage rules, regulations, restrictions. So speaker's statement cannot persuade me to stand with him.

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