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Online Education Myths, peer review assignment

HigherEducation 2 / 7  
May 25, 2010   #1
I had to write an agurement essay on any topic, and I choose Onlin Education Myths. He told me I need to find a least two peolpe to respond to my eassy in details as the questions I listed below.

Online Education Myths

An online education is becoming a viable option for people to obtain a quality, legitimate post secondary education. Although there has been a stigmatized association with online degrees in the past, some Ivy League universities now offer online programs and courses (College). At this moment online educational alternatives are defining their role in academic society. Business establishments are beginning to accepting degrees from online institutions as they become more prevalent. The key to obtaining an online degree that will be accepted by employers is accreditation.

Some people are concerned that online courses do not offer personal interaction between students and teachers. They fear that teachers will be only expected to give out assignments and grade papers without encouraging students or challenging them with different ways to explore a subject matter. In an online environment, just as in a conventional classroom environment, student-instructor interaction varies from institution to institution. One early adapter of an online education that experienced positive interactions with online instructors is Emily Weiner. Ms. Weiner graduated in 1995 from the State University of New York's Empire State College. The college assigned her with a mentor to guide her throughout her entire enrollment. The mentor "guided me through the process of developing a personal degree program, organizing my prior knowledge into academic equivalents that could be granted college credits, setting up and completing learning contracts for independent study, registering for one college class locally and one computer conference course and arranging an internship at a public radio station. And she was with me while I did the work" (Weiner).

Occasionally online degrees can be illegitimate. Usually these unaccredited schools promise a degree within one year's time or less (Koeppel). These schools may also grant collage credits based upon life experience alone. The key to obtaining a legitimate online degree is accreditation. It is recommended to first check the schools credentials before enrolling. One way to check is through the U.S. Department of Education. They maintain a web site that lists accredited postsecondary institutions (Education). Another benefit of the school being accredited is that credits will be able to be transferred to other institutions.

Some prospective online students are concerned that extensive computer proficiencies are needed to participate in an online course. Generally, simple computer skills are need for one to succeed with an online education. These skills include the ability to send and receive email, add attachments to email, cut and paste data, save data to a disk, enter web address in a web browser, and follow internet links (L. C. College).

While an online education can offer the freedom of scheduling course work around one's outside obligations, careful consideration must be made to the amount of dedication and time that an online education may require. It is recommended that if one works more than forty hours per week, only one online course should be taken per semester (State).

An online education can be a viable way for one to obtain a degree or college level credits. Extensive research queries is the key to insure that the selected post secondary institution will provide a legitimate, accredited degree, that will be useful in a future career field.


1. What seems to be the central point that the writer is trying to get across? What is the author's thesis sentence? Do you have any suggestions for modifying or clarifying the thesis?

2. What evidence does the author use to support the thesis? Is this evidence convincing?

3. What other information do you think the author should include?

4. Were there any places in this paper where you felt lost or confused?

5. Are there any factual mistakes or inconsistencies in the paper?

6. Does the essay answer the assignment? Only part of the assignment?

7. Comment on the writing style: are the sentences clear? Are there any particular grammatical issues you noticed?
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 26, 2010   #2
1.) The writer argues that people should not judge an online program as though it is inferior to a traditional classroom. "The key to obtaining an online degree that will be accepted by employers is accreditation."

2.) The writer points out that excellent mentoring and communication can take place in either kind of classroom, and that whether online or face to face, the communication varies. This is convincing, because the student addresses counter-arguments and dispells them.

3.) The author should describe some of the methods used in online classes to reproduce attributes of face to face interaction, such as discussion forums, real-time chats, and even video conferencing.

4.) At the end of the first paragraph, I thought the essay was going to be about accreditation. I think one more sentence should be added to the end of that first paragraph to tell the reader that it is accreditation (rather than online vs. face to face) that matters and that people should make their decision based on quality of instruction rather than delivery format.

I think the writer should acknowledge that preference is just as important as quality. Some people might prefer face to face experiences.

5.) None that I am aware of! :-)
6.) Extensive research queries is represent the key to ensur e that the selected post secondary institution will provide a legitimate, accredited degree that will be useful in a future career field.
OP HigherEducation 2 / 7  
May 26, 2010   #3
Thanks, I have to post my other essay when I'm finshed with it. I will be finished by friday would you be able to do the same?
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
May 27, 2010   #4
Yep, maybe it'll be me, or maybe it'll be someone else, but you can get help here! :-)

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